Sunday, February 27, 2011

Got Spring Fever?


If you are looking for a quick "SPRING" project, 
head over to Film In The Fridge and make these! 
Ashley has the best tutorial and 
they look gorgeous at the finish line! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Quilt Pink from Moda

Last night I started a quilt...

This is Quilt Pink by Moda from that I won at Becky's giveaway last year
and although I have made other things with it, this is my favorite.
 Hopefully today, I will have it quilted,
finished and tucked away for the upcoming craft show...

Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Friday !

YES! I am here!
I had a friend text me this afternoon and tell me I hadn't talked to her all week! She asked me if I missed her and how my week was." 
I wrote back and said "SWOOOSH!!!"
That's how my week WENT!
Tonight, I will  get to step into my little sewing room and have some fun!
I have a craft show coming up - sew...I have a lot to SEW!
Here's one item I thought about. I know there are some out in the blog world,
but I had a different idea.
It's a curling iron cover and rest.
I can't tell you how many times I have burned my counter top because my flat iron was left on...
ok, left on for a day or more...
maybe even an entire weekend when I went to the ranch... **sigh**
But I digress.
So, this was a necessity for will remind me when I see it to turn it off!

I will put up a tutorial just in case anyone needs one's simple, but worth the few minutes it takes to make it.

Mind you, this was just a prototype...and I used some of my upholstery fabric...but I will make a few for my show in some better fabrics. This will wrap up and tie too so you can take it with you without letting it cool - that's the really neat part!

It can even be used for other things...with a little tweaking... I think with a little padding for a mini pin cushion and some non-slip fabric on the bottom.  Just a thought...hmmmm.
Oh well, I am going to go play!

I hope you enjoy your weekends girls!

Monday, February 21, 2011

A Special Day

This weekend, I woke up to a post
from Joanne's website 
(the fellow blogger I had asked you all
to read about and 
keep in your  prayers...) 
and this was the entry I read.

"Gotin trouble for playing
twith the butttoondsds on my bed$$$
Ruhr nurse threatened
po rite my arms. Down !;) 
I'm not sure he reajhhyvwoufkld 
buut I sure got a good talking to" 

 Yep! You did read that right!
It was from Joanne herself!
She was generously given an
iPad a few weeks ago and
she has been communicating
through it since she still has a trach.

Almost daily, she is talking to her
husband, children and parents with
her new found "voice".

Today, I wanted to just take a moment to
celebrate the goodness of God!
I was in tears when I saw her post!

Joanne still has an uphill battle to fight-
and a race to run...but when I read that post  
from her, 
my thought was this.
The power of prayer is REAL.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Quilting Gallery's Mug Rug Swap ARRIVED!!!!

I came home this evening and 
went to the mailbox and found an instant pick-me-up!

There was a small package from Holland!   

The very sweet note was written out 
by Marina with such sweetness...

She said she lives with her husband in 
Vlissingen and that she has FIVE children!
These the first mug rugs she has ever made...
and she hoped that I love them.

Well, Marina...
So lovely, my favorite colors and so creative!

and Marina....
Today couldn't have been a better day
to have received these...
From tears to cheers...
Thank you for all the time and effort you took 
to make these and I wanted to let you know...
They made my DAY!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

"Love" Rugs...

OK~so I am  really addicted now~
I can't stop making these things...

Wait for it...
They are so cute, fun and fast...
Great practice for hand stitching
and for stirring up
my creative brain waves.

Wait for it...

This was actually a beautiful block sent
to me by Vicky from Florida 
from my Block Swap. 
I saved it knowing I would find 
the perfect way to use it...
and I have...

Wait for it...

These will warm up our
breakfast coffees very nicely Vicky...

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A supporting role...

I have two lives.
One is consumed during the daytime and involves a full-time job....
The other is my life at home.
Never shall the two meet...
But I find myself at work thinking more and more about home.
Some days it is just hard to concentrate on work, when I know at home I have so many pressing issues.
The house, my sewing, my puppies, Cotton and of course and most importantly, my Bill. When the kids are home, the pressure is even greater.
The other day, I had mentioned to Bill that I needed a side table to help support my quilts when I am wrangling them through my little sewing machine. He stopped what he was doing to come in and survey the issue...that all by itself was neat that he cared enough about a hobby I have to come and see what I wanted.
The next day, he was working on it.
Today, it was finished and in my sewing room...and it is just what I requested...even down to the matching table top.

This little table will be a huge help and is portable to take to any room I need it to follow me to if I am working on anything.

It will provide the support I wanted and more.

But as I was writing this, work crept into my home life and reared it's ugly head...once it was all handled, there was my Bill with a hug and soothing words.
Then it occurred to me.
My table isn't just a support for my quilts, but a constant reminder from now on that my sweet man, who has never sewn in his entire life - who doesn't know really why I am so compelled to sew, create or dream...
is living two lives too.
One is consumed with work during the day just like me, only much harder.
The other life for him is consumed with trying to find ways to be supportive of me.

I noticed honey...Thank you for everything you do for me...
even when I am dreaming.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Friendship Star Variation and Cool Cotton

For my Block Swap Adventure partner, Tamera, I made this...
She asked for browns, orange and fall colors.
This is a first for me with this block, but It was an easy one.
It makes a nice block - and I can't wait to see it in her quilt.

 As for our weekend, we had such a nice one. The weather was 
beautiful, warm, sunny and about 70 degrees.
I guess God just knew we needed it!
We went to our ranch and spent the entire weekend
being lazy, taking walks, eating with friends and
sharing a simply wonderful Valentine dinner with Bill's dad
at his retirement community...such sweet people he
has for neighbors...

We have a feeder in front of the house at the ranch, and
we have spoiled a few little deer and turkeys to eating
at a certain time each day...we just sit back and watch them and love
how peaceful and pretty they are.
I wanted to take some pictures to show you, but my cell 
phone wasn't good with long distance, so I decided to
see if my cell phone could take a photo if i focused it
through the lens of my telescope...

They aren't great, but you will get to see them.
Next time I will take my Canon!

and finally, I promised some "Cool Cotton"...
and here she is...

She loves to go to the ranch with us and 
sit in the front seat...
but apparently from now on, 
not without her COOL Shades.
We just call her,

I hope your weekend was just as fun!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011


It's been fun just sewing, cutting 
and then sewing them back together.
It just keeps surprising me.

Tonight, I am going to try some
flying geese to see what I come up with...
but first on the agenda is a block 
for my Block Swap Adventure buddy, 
Miss Tamera!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Are you excited yet???

I have been stock piling for some time for a sweet little quilt for my bed...

 And I am thinking it is time...
I want a new quilt for my bed by Summer.
I will have this one done long before that 

I have an idea of how this is going to go ...
but the real fun of this is...
I am making TWO...
One for me 
for one
of my Pay It Forward gals!!!
if you are one of my PIF's..
By Summer, you will have one too!
Stay Tuned...

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Now...where did I put that box...

About a year ago, my father-in-law 
had given me a box of fabric 
samples from an upholstery business. 
I looked through it and thought 
at some point I might 
be able to use it, so 
I took it home with me.
This weekend, I decided to dig
in and see what I could find. 
I wanted to make some 
place mats for a table and lo and behold...
I found LINEN...

Paired with some of my favorite fabric, not only 
did it add the much needed weight, but it was 
a dream to work with. I just love 
the way they turned out. 

Who knew...
Thanks Dad!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Remember this one???

My first Hexie flower ever.
I began looking it over and thought...
What a nice Mug Rug that would make.
I think it looks like a 
Cotton Candy Hexie Valentine.
I had a LOT of fun with this one.
Isn't it great when you start creating something and it
turns out to be a favorite?
My Fav.

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