Thursday, July 11, 2019

Starting simple but ending mighty!

So yes, I own a quilt shop.
But no. I don’t know how to paper piece.
Doesn’t that sound like an admission of someone at some sort of support group? Hehehe...
Well I just finished a few months of a wonderful
Round Robin group, and was on my last quilt when 
I realized my math skills failed me again and I needed to either make more blocks or try my hand at a couple of cornerstones...did I mention I am not a fan of cornerstones? What’s a girl to do at the 12th hour? Well she makes herself learn some paper piecing.  Goodness.
I wanted it to look better than ordinary...but I needed it to look good.
Well, it worked! I was so proud of them and was glad to be finished. 
The end result was an already beautifully bright quilt with a round that I was happy with!

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