Thursday, July 11, 2019

Starting simple but ending mighty!

So yes, I own a quilt shop.
But no. I don’t know how to paper piece.
Doesn’t that sound like an admission of someone at some sort of support group? Hehehe...
Well I just finished a few months of a wonderful
Round Robin group, and was on my last quilt when 
I realized my math skills failed me again and I needed to either make more blocks or try my hand at a couple of cornerstones...did I mention I am not a fan of cornerstones? What’s a girl to do at the 12th hour? Well she makes herself learn some paper piecing.  Goodness.
I wanted it to look better than ordinary...but I needed it to look good.
Well, it worked! I was so proud of them and was glad to be finished. 
The end result was an already beautifully bright quilt with a round that I was happy with!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Years gone by...

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been here...mainly because of time. Being a shop owner has changed a lot of norms for me. But today, I would like to revisit this platform again and commit to visiting some of my old friends that we used to meet weekly here. 
I have often wondered where all the bloggers have gone and if anyone misses it as I have recently.
Don’t get me wrong, the platforms I use now like Instagram and FB are still needed, but mainly hold my business news, calendar events etc...I miss writing about where life has taken us, sharing about my own projects and admiring the projects of others...
I think a new look is in order so I will work on that too.
This past almost 4 years has been a blur with all that we do at the shop, and I have a desire to slow down a bit and recharge with some old friends. I hope you all are still around. I sure miss you.

In the years gone by, we have added many more grandchildren, lost our beloved puppy Jig and his sidekick Buzz (above) is slowing telling us his goodbyes...My sweet little Cotton Patch bunny bid me farewell two years ago now along with the rainbow crossing of Momie and Joker Bunnies last year.

Time has flown by and I am not sure I have had the time to even notice...until days like this when it’s yet another Father’s Day and another year is marching along and it is quiet enough for me to notice. Isn’t that terrible? 
I love my little quilt shop and all those sweet ladies that have blessed us as they have shared their time and creations with us and I look forward to more in the future. I also find that I am seeking a slower pace if for no other reason than to have more time with my GBs and have time to create again myself with some of you.

I hope you all find time to slow the pace of life with me and begin to enjoy each other’s company here again..

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