Thursday, May 31, 2012

Just say GORGEOUS!

Yesterday I posted what I sent to Sue for
our Block Swap Adventure...
But, hold on to your hats...

Isn't this just to die for????

I could not just throw this in with my little snippets...
It deserved an ENTRY ALL IT'S OWN...

Don't you agree?

I am going to make a quilt completely around
just this block...

Such beautiful work...and this was her

Thank you Sue...
I love it so much!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Block Swappin

These blocks went out to Sue...

I decided to make her two blocks
of the colors she liked.

Nothing fancy, but they were
lots of fun to make!

This is just a little snippet...I know she reads my blog...  

Another Snippet...

Ok is one of your blocks!
I hope you can use them and enjoy
them in whatever projects you decide
to use them in...

Monday, May 28, 2012

It's all in a Name...or is it?

 Monday night at our house is 
My sweet man and I  LOVE
to sit back and eat Pizza
and wings...
and WATCH 
That is wrestling for those
 of you who don't have a 
Monday Night RAW
date night!

Here are a couple of my 

 and of course...

I know...I know...

WELL....tonight, we aren't 
really having a 
WWE RAW Date night...

(fooled you didn't I?)

We are still at the ranch...
waiting for this
little mama to have her calf!

Her name is Choc-o-lat...
and I am going to name her calf
(get it? Chocolat Sundae?)

 Doesn't look like she thought that 
was funny....
Let's ask the rest of the 
crew...what they think...

Little Miss Cotton
 "Mama...don't you name any of my babies..."

Little Miss Maeme
"That would be a NO
from me ...seriously...
What are you thinking???

Little GB Holdyn
 "Gigi...I am just gonna throw in the towel
on that one..."

Little GB Riggins and Mama Jen
"Gigi...I am thinking...
wait for it....

Silly babies!!!!
Well, I better start thinking about 
another name...
any ideas out there?

Hope your weekend was this fun!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Piecing it all together...

My newest little gb is now 2 months old...
Man! Time flies when you are having fun!
(he's frowning cause he wanted to come
go to the ranch with us this weekend...)

This weekend is our finishing touches 
on our kitchen counter tops!

 My sweet man is bound and determined
to get them finished and have my sink in
by the end of the long holiday weekend!

 Bless his heart, the first laminate he 
bought broke on him while
he was unloading it from the truck...
Needless to say,
He was DONE
at that point. 

But as you  can see, his second
attempt was successful and our
little island now has a top!
It's my job to finish up the edges...
Rhut Rho....
not sure he knows what he's asking...

On to other news...

I have been busy making
blocks for my swap partners...
Here is one that I made for Ann.
It's a paper pieced block.

 I am a little dyslexic, so I have
to sometimes do weird things
so I can picture what patterns
are telling me to do.
So I just colored one of my paper
pieces so I could see where 
this was going...

 I am not gonna lie...
this was a little mind-bending 
especially since I had never 
made one before!

But in the end, it
all worked out!
Can I get an
up in here????

I learned a lot about 
paper piecing...

It's too hard to remove when
you are done!

It was a lot of fun and it taught me 
a lot...and I am ready for my next
paper piecing...
Sew...what do you use
when you paper piece?
I don't want to make the 
same mistake twice!!!!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Table Running

I have been playing with a new gadget of mine...
A triangle template.
I figure everyone has one already...
but I didn't and I kept seeing
all these cute little quilts 
being made out of triangles...
well...I got a little envious and
decided to go in search for one.

It didn't take me long to find one at 
JoAnn's Fabrics...and then I was 
home before I knew it working on
this little table runner.

It isn't finished yet, but will be this week...
then it is off to a friend of mine 
that loves these colors...
and it is LONG OVERDUE!

What is your favorite template?
What did you make with it?

Friday, May 25, 2012

In the Garden

I have a friend at work that just finished 
building herself a really cool potting shed.
As soon as she told me about it, 
I had the idea to make her 
a gardening tool belt of sorts...

I used remnant fabrics from my mother-in-law's stash of
upholstery fabrics she left me- those seemed to be a little
more durable than what I had in my little stash.

 I added two small tool holders for either her 
gardening tools
or for keys, gloves..
however she wanted to use them.

 There are two belt ties and 
it is divided into three
sections with one accent 
pocket on the outside.

 And the labels I used came
 from my Label Crew Club
collection from Sweetwater Fabrics...
They were just the icing on the cake!

 I should have modeled it, but ran out of time!
It only took a couple of hours to make and
although I didn't have a pattern, I think it
turned out pretty well!
Just another fun way to
use up some odds and ends
in my stash from Miss Mary...
I think she would love how I have
 recreated her fabric stash!

What are some items you 
have made out of fabrics
given to you to re-purpose?

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Mailbox surprises!

When I came home today I found these lovelies in my mailbox...
For the first time ever, I had the same Block Swap Adventure Partner as I did for my Block Swap group....

Ann Babillis! 

For the Block Swap Adventure, she made me this beautiful log cabin block so I could finish out pillows for my sweet man's quilt....


But she wasn't finished!  This beautiful block came for my Block Swap...

For some reason, I couldn't get this to rotate!  But look at that beauty!!

Look at all the fabrics! The handiwork...and it is ALL HAND SEWN! 
I mean seriously! So much TALENT!

I hope she likes what I made her... These just BLEW me out of the water!!!!

Ann, you are so gifted and I absolutely adore these blocks! You really outdid yourself!!!!
Hugs my friend!!!

Just a little update....
My newest little grandson is doing so GOOD!
Thought I would share the latest photos of him!

Happy Saturday!

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