Monday, March 22, 2021

A few years back...3 maybe?

 A little over 3 years ago, our little quilt shop grew up. We moved to a larger space and hired more employees. So much has happened in those three years along with this hurdle of the pandemic.

We have been blessed to have been able to stay open throughout the entire year last year, mainly due to being able to do curbside pick-up and going online. Our customers have supported us through it all.

This week, we have a new hurdle to jump...our neighbors - a beauty shop, had a pipe burst and not only flood their space, but our entire space flooded as well.

Thanks to some quick action by our employees and a few customers that showed up to help, we were able to move out all the fabric that day along with machines and some notions and books.

The remaining shelving remained and we have been drying out the space all weekend with the help of a flood recovery company. 

Tomorrow the real work begins as we move out old shelves that were ruined and begin the process of repair.

I have had a couple of moments of everything from disbelief to shear panic to peace. Thankfulness has taken it's place in that this could have been so much worse. Insurance will meet the need and hopefully we will be back up in a few weeks.

This wasn't the way I envisioned starting my blog again, but it seems to be the perfect time as to watch this all grow back to life again as Spring is upon us.

I hope you'll join us and along the way discover our beautiful community that has rallied us all this past year and continue to do so now.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Starting simple but ending mighty!

So yes, I own a quilt shop.
But no. I don’t know how to paper piece.
Doesn’t that sound like an admission of someone at some sort of support group? Hehehe...
Well I just finished a few months of a wonderful
Round Robin group, and was on my last quilt when 
I realized my math skills failed me again and I needed to either make more blocks or try my hand at a couple of cornerstones...did I mention I am not a fan of cornerstones? What’s a girl to do at the 12th hour? Well she makes herself learn some paper piecing.  Goodness.
I wanted it to look better than ordinary...but I needed it to look good.
Well, it worked! I was so proud of them and was glad to be finished. 
The end result was an already beautifully bright quilt with a round that I was happy with!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Years gone by...

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been here...mainly because of time. Being a shop owner has changed a lot of norms for me. But today, I would like to revisit this platform again and commit to visiting some of my old friends that we used to meet weekly here. 
I have often wondered where all the bloggers have gone and if anyone misses it as I have recently.
Don’t get me wrong, the platforms I use now like Instagram and FB are still needed, but mainly hold my business news, calendar events etc...I miss writing about where life has taken us, sharing about my own projects and admiring the projects of others...
I think a new look is in order so I will work on that too.
This past almost 4 years has been a blur with all that we do at the shop, and I have a desire to slow down a bit and recharge with some old friends. I hope you all are still around. I sure miss you.

In the years gone by, we have added many more grandchildren, lost our beloved puppy Jig and his sidekick Buzz (above) is slowing telling us his goodbyes...My sweet little Cotton Patch bunny bid me farewell two years ago now along with the rainbow crossing of Momie and Joker Bunnies last year.

Time has flown by and I am not sure I have had the time to even notice...until days like this when it’s yet another Father’s Day and another year is marching along and it is quiet enough for me to notice. Isn’t that terrible? 
I love my little quilt shop and all those sweet ladies that have blessed us as they have shared their time and creations with us and I look forward to more in the future. I also find that I am seeking a slower pace if for no other reason than to have more time with my GBs and have time to create again myself with some of you.

I hope you all find time to slow the pace of life with me and begin to enjoy each other’s company here again..

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

In Our Garden Block...November

Can you believe it is already NOVEMBER? Wow...
Time sure flies!
Just a quick THANK YOU to Amy...what a wonderful organizer she is and so gracious! You did GOOD GIRL!

Well, this month marks the end of our gardens, even here in Texas.
It also marks the beginning of the clean up of our little bunnies...they love
the garden left overs.
Sew, that became my inspiration...little Pilgrim Bunnies that harvest the last of the
carrots and corn flowers.
This was a fun block to work on because even though it is very simple, I always love
anything bunny!

As  you can see, I just complimented it with another quick and easy block...A pinwheel block.
Pinwheel blocks remind me of the little toys we used to play with and oh, how the coming winter winds would spin those!
To make an easy peasy Pinwheel block...
Visit here or for a super easy way...visit HERE

For a finished 12 inch Pinwheel block, cut two 6 7/8 inch squares of each color. 

All the blocks this year in this hop have been splendid! I have loved every one of them!

Print this out on your computer as a full will be able to trace all the items for your block.

The bunny garden block is just as easy.
Print the photo above as a full page and you will be able 
to trace each item for your block.
Simply place them on your precut block...

The pattern is easy and fun and you can add as many extra of any of these
and really fill your block if you wish!

Thank you for joining me for the newest Garden Block!

Now, on to some good stuff!
Don't forget to finish your blocks and post them 
on the Group's Facebook Page or Linky Party
for a chance to win one of the two prizes below:

Our first winner will receive this beautiful fat quarter bundle
Garden Girl by Riley Blake.
This is fresh from the International Quilt Market I attended this
week here in Houston!
You will be the first one to have it!
How about that?

However, that's not all...
A second lucky winner will receive a
 $25 gift certificate to our shop,

More blocks to come:

December: Jan - Sew and Sow Farm
January - Sew Incredibly Crazy - Final blocks and wrap up!
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group,
It's just been so much fun!

Good luck everyone!


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Peggy's story...

First time on the blog in a very long time...
Not sure anyone will even see this it has been so long.
But I still want this place to be where I record life...
and my life has been very busy since last November!

For those that don't know, or remember,
we opened a little Quilting Studio/Fabric Shop
last January.
Since then, we have been learning a lot...
and more importantly, meeting some really wonderful quilters.

Today, I wanted to share Peggy with you.

Peggy's story began when she came into the shop one day asking
if I could teach her to quilt. I asked her what she would like to learn
and she told me a story about a few quilt tops she'd had for over 40 years
left to her from her grandmother.

The first one she brought in, wasn't even a top yet. It was in the form of 4 /12 inch squares
stored inside a Tupperware container - probably from 40 years ago!
It measured 25 blocks across and 25 blocks down.
We decided a time to begin and marked our calendars.

When the day came to start, she showed up on time 
with Tupperware container in hand along with her daughter,
their sewing machines and a very old sewing kit.

Over about 3 weeks time, we were able to piece the top.
It was HUGE.
We loaded it on the Handi Quilter Avante  
and after her orientation for the longarm,
Peggy began quilting. It took 8 hours.
But she finished.

In two weeks, she brought another top in.
She quilted that one too.
It was only a mere 80+ years old...but in great condition.

Finally, two weeks later, she brought in a third quilt.
It was a simple pattern, and bright. It was about 30 years old.
The youngest in the bunch.
And she quilted.

We celebrated each quilt with postings on Instagram and on 
the shop's Facebook page and lots of high fives and hugs!

But then...something unexpected happened.
Peggy came into the shop with her daughter,
and two sweet little grand daughters.

She was carrying a huge stack of quilts.
You see, she said wanted to gift them to her "girls"
in the place that helped her finish them.


What a great moment to be there and to see each one 
of them receive their quilts.
They were thrilled and I don't think there was a dry eye
or a face without a huge smile!

Peggy is a quiet lady, with a sweet spirit.
She was committed to finishing these 
and took several of her days off to make sure it happened.
What a legacy.
I hope those littles remember this moment...
and their grandmother....
and the great-grandmothers that created those lovely 
quilts, ultimately for them.

Each day, we meet some of the sweetest customers.
I could write stories of all of them.
One thing I have realized is this...
Sometimes you wait a lifetime to find your purpose,
but when you do, it is so worth it.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our cup runneth over...

Mr. Hudson.
We celebrated his first birthday in January...and couldn't believe the year had flown by...what sweet soul this baby is...always smiling, always chasing around his big brother Grayson.

Little Miss Magnolia McCall joined an all boys club a few weeks ago with her appearance...and we are so in love with her! She has blessed us so much in the short time she's been here and we are just thrilled to have this little beauty in the clan...

And then again, on Friday night we welcomed our 7th GB...
Knox Huston...

It's been an eventful couple of years for us as a family to say the least.
We have welcomed four beautiful grandbabies and sadly, kissed one goodbye.

These babies are a blessing beyond words for us. God is ever faithful to restore us when we are hurting and little man Hudson, baby Maggie and Mr. Knox Huston are the real and tangible proof of God's faithfulness.

As Easter approaches, we will celebrate not only the resurrection of our Savior, we will also have celebrate His goodness in that our little grandbaby Kase is safe and is living still, with Jesus...and we are rejoicing today in the fact that we do indeed serve a living Savior that hears our cries, sees our tears and restores our hope.

These precious Grandbabies are a reminder of His love toward us and his trust in these new parents of these precious souls He's granted...
Our cup truly runneth over.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Opening success...

It was a wonderful and busy day, and we loved meeting
everyone that came out to visit us at our Grand Opening!
We met so many sweet quilters...what a blessing!


Thank you couldn't even convey how we feel for all our
family and friends that helped us out!
We could have never done it without you!

We are looking forward to what's to come
and so grateful for where we began
in this tiny little shop full of new quilty friends...

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

And you are invited...

If you live in the Houston / Sugar Land area and even if you don't...
and need an excuse for a Road Trip with your girlfriends...


To join us for our

Grand Opening 

It Seams To Be Sew...

Saturday, February 13th, 2016
11 a.m. - 3 p.m. 

We will have so much food, fun and giveaways...
You won't want to miss it!

I will also be having an 
Monday, February 15th 

for all my out-of-state quilty friends...

Please join us, I'd love to meet you!

Friday, January 22, 2016

It's a GIRL y'all...

Thank you to everyone...we do love her so much...


It happened so quick, and she's graced our lives forever...
Magnolia McCall Dillender arrived this morning weighing in at 8 lbs 4 ozs...and BEAUTIFUL!
After 5 grandsons with still another one on the way, this little doll baby has us all AMAZED!
Our daughter Jennifer is doing great, as is our SIL JD and big brother Riggins!
Welcome to the world little Maggie...we ADORE YOU...

Thursday, January 14, 2016

This door is to remain unlocked when occupied...

Two clear sentences continued to be set before
us this past couple of months...

One of the most notable quotes history...

"If you build it, they will come..." 
from the movie
Field of Dreams.

And then...
Believe it or not, this one from 
the bottom of the shop door.

"This door is to remain unlocked when this space is occupied"

We will talk about both and 
I will try not to lose you.


Everything you see from here on down...
 and I wish I could take credit for it all, 
but I can not.

My husband jumped in with everything he had
 on this one and even as my list kept growing,
he kept working. 

For example:

I needed shelves. 
He Built Them.

I needed a little sink area with a table leaf on the 
side of it so I could have a coffee / snack table.
He Built It.

(disclaimer: this one is not finished but 
only needs the sink and faucets now...I will
update it later)

I needed the shelf he built me at home
for my online shop 
painted and altered a bit.
He Built It Out.

I saw a cutting table on Pinterest months
ago that I had pinned from
and I showed it to Bill.
I bought the shelving units from IKEA and
put them together, but...
He Built that top.

To tell the truth...everything in this space 
he fixed, replaced, cleaned or re-tiled 
He BUILT everything else.
(including putting together my Handi Quilter Avante')

All that hard work led up to this....

These shelves with beautiful fabrics...

A place secured so I could display my favorite 
virtual rabbits from

It led up to a perfect Studio feel...

An even better classroom, all bright
and cheery...

A cutting center to make me never want to
cut anything anywhere else...EVER.

more displays of many, many colors...

Finally, it all led to this door.

My entire life, I've walked in and out of doors
because I was either told to 
 or I knew I had no other way out.
I spent a lot of time 
 looking in from the outside.

This time, the door opened.
I walked in.
I heard it silently drift closed behind me 
 and I thought...

"This door is to remain unlocked when this space is occupied"

The important doors in my life will remain unlocked 
as long as the space in my heart is occupied
with faith.

Thank you Bill 
for all the hard work, late nights, and hugs.
It Seams To Be Sew...


A few years back...3 maybe?

 A little over 3 years ago, our little quilt shop grew up. We moved to a larger space and hired more employees. So much has happened in thos...