Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Peggy's story...

First time on the blog in a very long time...
Not sure anyone will even see this it has been so long.
But I still want this place to be where I record life...
and my life has been very busy since last November!

For those that don't know, or remember,
we opened a little Quilting Studio/Fabric Shop
last January.
Since then, we have been learning a lot...
and more importantly, meeting some really wonderful quilters.

Today, I wanted to share Peggy with you.

Peggy's story began when she came into the shop one day asking
if I could teach her to quilt. I asked her what she would like to learn
and she told me a story about a few quilt tops she'd had for over 40 years
left to her from her grandmother.

The first one she brought in, wasn't even a top yet. It was in the form of 4 /12 inch squares
stored inside a Tupperware container - probably from 40 years ago!
It measured 25 blocks across and 25 blocks down.
We decided a time to begin and marked our calendars.

When the day came to start, she showed up on time 
with Tupperware container in hand along with her daughter,
their sewing machines and a very old sewing kit.

Over about 3 weeks time, we were able to piece the top.
It was HUGE.
We loaded it on the Handi Quilter Avante  
and after her orientation for the longarm,
Peggy began quilting. It took 8 hours.
But she finished.

In two weeks, she brought another top in.
She quilted that one too.
It was only a mere 80+ years old...but in great condition.

Finally, two weeks later, she brought in a third quilt.
It was a simple pattern, and bright. It was about 30 years old.
The youngest in the bunch.
And she quilted.

We celebrated each quilt with postings on Instagram and on 
the shop's Facebook page and lots of high fives and hugs!

But then...something unexpected happened.
Peggy came into the shop with her daughter,
and two sweet little grand daughters.

She was carrying a huge stack of quilts.
You see, she said wanted to gift them to her "girls"
in the place that helped her finish them.


What a great moment to be there and to see each one 
of them receive their quilts.
They were thrilled and I don't think there was a dry eye
or a face without a huge smile!

Peggy is a quiet lady, with a sweet spirit.
She was committed to finishing these 
and took several of her days off to make sure it happened.
What a legacy.
I hope those littles remember this moment...
and their grandmother....
and the great-grandmothers that created those lovely 
quilts, ultimately for them.

Each day, we meet some of the sweetest customers.
I could write stories of all of them.
One thing I have realized is this...
Sometimes you wait a lifetime to find your purpose,
but when you do, it is so worth it.

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