Friday, August 30, 2013

Sew...What's new with you?

For a year, I was working on a new project for a couple of
ladies that had created their first pattern ever.
3 Stitchin Chicks created a lovely pattern and needed
someone to  make and quilt it...
Why did it take a year?..
Well, the first three months I battled my FEAR.
Ever do that?
I just didn't want to make a mistake, ruin material,
 have it not turn out well...OH, did I mention,
 I also had to write the directions as I went along?
 I swear I went to sleep every night
 with the word FAILURE running through my mind...
I almost gave up and packed it all back to them...
and then I did one thing.
Such a simple thought...but it worked.
Two weeks later, it was finished...
and I wasn't a quitter, I became a quilter.
A thinker. A writer. A happy girl again.
Ok, enough...Here she is...
First was all those hand appliqued "feathers"

Oh, and there were all those paper pieced blocks for the
feathers to be appliqued onto.

Laying all of it out kept me going...
it was beginning to excite me!

And then, it was clear that my problem was going to
be how in the world was I going quilt this???
I decided to keep moving forward and figure it out later...

Next, it was time to figure out how to attach all
the 3D feathers.
Right...but it did look cool coming through my
little Janome..

Now I was really moving...and she was beginning to show her real beauty.

And there she was...
Quilting was kept simple...

If you follow me on Instagram,
You have already seen her...
but now you know the story.
 I really didn't want to give her back...
but I did...
When 3 Stitchin Chicks have their website up and running
and have the pattern for sale, I will be sure and
feature them here...
Those ladies are SO TALENTED...
till next time,
Have a great holiday!!!

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