Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Well, indeed ...
Meadowbloom by April Rosenthal for Moda


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Thursday, September 24, 2015

The rest of the Quilt Story...

Today I wanted to share with you the last of the
three quilts sent to a set of three girls...
If you are just joining the story, you can catch up
here and here.

I pulled out a quilt top that I actually had started
several years ago... and
until now, I didn't know how to finish it.

When I pulled it out of my closet, I prayed that it would
bring a little light to a really dark set of days.

You see, these three girls were the children
of a helicopter pilot that worked for our company.
His job was to fly workers from an oil rig
back to the mainland after their shifts were over.

This particular day, we received word that our pilot's
helicopter went down. We weren't sure of the outcome,
but the initial reports weren't promising.

Unfortunately, six out of twelve souls were lost that day.
This set of sisters lost a Daddy.
The thought of it all was overwhelming.

I can't promise tears didn't fall on these little quilts
and yet I just couldn't stop sewing.

I wanted to do something, and yet there was 
nothing to do...not really.

In times like this I run to the Lord. 
I prayed and ask
for Him to give them comfort, peace and for grace .

By the end of the weekend, all three quilts 
were finished, wrapped and tied up in love.

My prayer was that they would provide
warmth and comfort and invisible hugs
all in the memory of their Daddy...
A friend to many, a husband to a sweet lady
that loved him dearly and the father of some 
of the most precious little ones around.

I will carry them with me for the rest of 
my life and continue to pray that they know
they are all loved beyond measure.

In Honor of Captain Jay.
You are loved and missed...

Monday, September 21, 2015

Chapter Two...Spinning Pinwheels

This sweet little pinwheel quilt found it's way
into the story because it was actually sent with 
it's sister quilt from here.
Both quilts went to a home of three sisters.

These sweet girls found a permanent place in my heart.
Sometimes when you aren't really able to make it all better,
you want to just send love.

I wanted this one to be a little more playful for this middle sister.
These fabrics were scraps from other quilts.

All these little spins in the quilting were just sew as you go...
no pattern here, just a little bit of praying with each little loop.

Do you do that? Quilt for someone and either find yourself 
praying for them in the process or thinking about them with love?

Sweetwater made a beautiful little backing in all those tiny little 
yellow flowers...and the binding just added a little zig-zaggy fun...


In the end, it was just big enough for her to snuggle in...
and hopefully to feel loved in.

Tomorrow I will tell the rest of this story.
Until then...

Monday, September 14, 2015

Chapter One: Squared Flower Love

Does anyone remember the 70s?
This little quilt reminds me of that generation for sure!

 Newsprint from the Paint Collection by Carrie Bloomston 

Mod Watercolor by Nat Olly / Available on Spoonflower
I chose the fabrics from various "destash" 
purchases I have made from friends on Instagram so,
 I apologize that I am not able to name many of them for you.

As for the pattern, it is a simple set of 8 1/2 inch squares 
with a solid backing. And if you look closely,
you will see a little Sweetwater in that binding..

I actually put this top together in less than 2 hours.

 The real leap for me here was on the free-motion quilting.
I took my cues from the fabric on the back 
and just fired up the Janome Horizon and started "drawing"
on the fabric with the needle in the machine.

The goal wasn't perfection, it was to really TRY HARD!

Please forgive the dark just wouldn't stop raining, so pictures were all inside!

And there it is...from start to finish. 
It only took one full day.

You see, there is a story that come with this quilt.
It was ear-marked for a very special little girl.

But you have to stay tuned...
for the "rest of the story"
and this is just the first chapter.

Come tomorrow and I will introduce you to
this quilt's sister...

Sunday, September 13, 2015

UPDATE: Aqua Crossing finish and a "littles" more...

It's been a while...
so I wanted to catch you up on the rest of the story.

I did finish my Aqua Crossing Quilt 
and it didn't take 4 months, 
I promise!
There's been a lot going on 
in the background here and I am so 
excited to tell you all about it...
Sometimes things just come together 
and I just love it when that happens!
Don't you?
Until then...
our family has some happy happy news!!!

These two little cousins, my little GBs...

Found out that both of them are going to big brothers...

And one of them is a GIRL!!!!!

Happy Monday 
Blessings to all,


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