Monday, September 14, 2015

Chapter One: Squared Flower Love

Does anyone remember the 70s?
This little quilt reminds me of that generation for sure!

 Newsprint from the Paint Collection by Carrie Bloomston 

Mod Watercolor by Nat Olly / Available on Spoonflower
I chose the fabrics from various "destash" 
purchases I have made from friends on Instagram so,
 I apologize that I am not able to name many of them for you.

As for the pattern, it is a simple set of 8 1/2 inch squares 
with a solid backing. And if you look closely,
you will see a little Sweetwater in that binding..

I actually put this top together in less than 2 hours.

 The real leap for me here was on the free-motion quilting.
I took my cues from the fabric on the back 
and just fired up the Janome Horizon and started "drawing"
on the fabric with the needle in the machine.

The goal wasn't perfection, it was to really TRY HARD!

Please forgive the dark just wouldn't stop raining, so pictures were all inside!

And there it is...from start to finish. 
It only took one full day.

You see, there is a story that come with this quilt.
It was ear-marked for a very special little girl.

But you have to stay tuned...
for the "rest of the story"
and this is just the first chapter.

Come tomorrow and I will introduce you to
this quilt's sister...

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