Thursday, January 31, 2013

Dare to Dresden Day Six!!! GIVEAWAY REMINDER!

Well! Hasn't this been a really fun hop?
Madame Sam and Christine of
have done a WONDERFUL JOB!
Today is the last day... (*sniff, sniff*)
But we have saved the best for last!
Don't forget to go and get in on my GIVEAWAY!
You will not want to miss it!!!!!
I will be choosing a winner on Monday!
Have a wonderful weekend!
January 31th, 2013

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dare to Dresden...Day Five!

Well, it's finally here...
Today is the day!

Wow! Thank you so much Madame Sam and our
wonderful Cheerleader - Christine of
for such a fun DARE!!!!
Both ladies have been
I had so much fun working on this project!
I wanted to do something that
reflected my personality...
My first project was close to my heart...
a tribute to my little bunny Cotton Patch.
I would dress her up every day if I could...
but I don't...I am not sure she would
like it as much as I would...
so, this will have to do!
I used a square dresden to highlight a little
dress for my little girl...
and of course, I am a Sweetwater fabric lover...

and what is a bunny without a little flower...
I had so much fun working on this!
I think little Cotton loves it too!
"Thank goodness you didn't do that to me in real life Mama..."
Then I wanted to make something for the
ranch house...and so I pulled out my
favorite Bali fabrics that my sweet man
bought me on one of his trips!
I know dresdens are a favorite flower
maker, but I wanted mine to be on
something that i love...and that is
and old fence...
There was a lot of hand work involved in this one...
but I loved every stitch of it!

The back really showed the stitching...
I haven't decided if this will be a table runner...
or a wall hanging...
But I do know this is going
to the ranch!!!
Please forgive the inside photo of this...
it was raining here all day!!!
But that's ok...
A closer look at the top looks like
a bit of sunny blue sky peeking over
the top of the fence!
Anyway...those are my contributions
for the Dare to Dresden...
And this is for one of you! This iron
stand is perfect to hang your year
around little wall hangings...
All you have to do is comment and
tell me what you would
hang on this little
For a second chance, let me know if
you are a follower...
That's it!
I will choose a winner on Monday, Feb. 4th!!!
Please go by and visit
everyone else that will be
blogging their wonderful
Dare to Dresden creations TODAY TOO!!!

January 30th, 2013

Charlotte H @ “that Other Blog”

Clothes and Crafts (moved to the 31st!)

It Seams to be Sew  ~~~~YOU ARE HERE


Dare to Dresden Day Four!

Wow! Hasn't this Dare to Dresden Challenge
been fun to see? Everyone has done such a
good job and been really creative!
I am VERY excited to see what they
have in store for us today!
I Dare you to go visit them!!!!
Don't forget...
Tomorrow is MY DAY...and I
am really excited to show you what
I have and what I have for you!!!!
So come see ME TOMORROW!!!
GO! Visit the blogs for TODAY!
January 29th, 2013

Thursday, January 24, 2013


It's finally the first day of the
Dare to Dresden Blog Hop!!!!

is our hostess for this hop!

A HUGE thank you to Madame Samm
and Christine for all their hard work
in organizing such a wonderful blog hop!!!!!
I have already visited today's
beauties...Now it's your turn....

January 24th, 2013

Monday, January 21, 2013

Finally getting to play..

Well, I am really late to this party that has 
been on IG since right after Christmas...
But I am finally getting to play with
all those scraps given to me..

I really see why this is sooo addictive!
It goes fast!

In just about two hours I was three blocks in
and loving it!

By the time I called it a night,
I had three finished and a fourth ready
to be sewn together!


Today, I will be finishing up my Dare to Dresden 
Challenge that is starting in just a few days...

So Excited...there are over 100 bloggers signed up...

My day will be on the 30th!!!
I hope you will all join in and see
everyone's creations!!!


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Best hour sewing ever...

My little GB has been sick for about four days.
I stayed home to help out since everyone has
been sick...

Most of you  also know I have two little bunnies
that rule our house...and my GB loves them.
All day he "petted" a pillow I have with 
a bunny on it that was on the floor...

So while he was napping, I took an hour
went in the studio and quickly cut out 
what I hoped would be a bunny...

That first picture above was his face when
he woke up and I handed him his bunny...and 
for the rest of the day it was his constant

All day today he's kept Bunny with him...
After he went to sleep his Mama went
in to check on him and came in to get me.
This was the picture of the century to me.

Who knew, a little homemade bunny, with no face
and only whiskers...but with big bunny ears would
comfort this little boy so much!
It's like having Christmas morning all over again....
Sleep tight little Holdyn...
Gigi DOES love you.

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