Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Just plain good stuff...

Two years ago, my friend Patty and her sweet mama...
bought me the vinyl letters that read
Welcome to the Ranch...
This weekend...I finally worked on
getting those letters on an appropriate board...
I have to say, that was a really fun project!
Just a little unused board, a little left over paint
and a sheet of sand paper...
Wah - Lah!
MOOOO-ving on....
This is my little ranch buddy...
She seriously follows me everywhere.
She was given to me by a fellow rancher last year.
She had a sister too...that I named Fudge.
They jumped the fence in another pasture
and came home only to have two little
calves last Spring.
get tissues...
I lost little Fudge last summer.
I cried and cried...
But Chocolat has raised Fudge's little baby just fine...
But now, my little MooMoos are no longer little...
I think they each weigh in at about 700 lbs each.
You can tell them to get out of my back yard if you want to.
When we go to the ranch, we always end up having to
go by Lowes...My sweet man gets all the non-essential
house building things...pish posh!
Us girls know what is REALLY important!!!!
One of those Magos has a tutorial on how
to make antique WIRE BASKETS!
Yes Patty...you won't share, so I will
make my own!
Here's some more weekend progress!
all hand sewn...WHEW!
not too shabby...hehehe
I am half way done with the top...just 7 more rows to go!
(and I swear the bag is just magically
refilling as I try to empty it!)
I got these lovely goodies in the mail from
Those fabrics are from line called
"I like you"  by Windham Fabrics...
those others goodies are just some wonderful
little surprises Madam Samm slipped in my
package for fun...
I hope your week is off to a good start...
sew...what do you see being made
from that lovely fabric???

Friday, February 15, 2013

Back to work I go...

This week has been filled with new beginnings...
After being laid off last month i have to say i
was really disappointed. I asked the Lord
to give opportunities that would not only
fit me but would be long term.
It took three weeks...
but He did it!
I started this week and it has been such a good fit!
I am so thankful.

The time off was good as well...i was able to
finish a lot of UFOs and start a little
hand work. My scrap bag full of pre-cut
squares and i decided to just dive in!

My little quilt top is about half way done...
but oh my....i love the quiet time it allows me.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday and a long overdue finish!

Over a year ago, one of my family members gave me an antique quilt top to finish. It was her MIL's and was in dire need of attention and reworking. This top was over 70 years old, made of clothes fabrics and what looked to be appliqued on cheesecloth or those old flour sacks...at any rate, it was terribly delicate.

Add to that the cigarette smoke damage and finger pricked stains...well, you get the idea.
I had to take it apart and replace the old yellowed batting, make a new backing material and then quilt and bind it.

Fear is a powerful thing. I began the quilt a long time ago, and even featured it here...but when I hit a rock in the road...or should I say a kink in the quilting, I stopped...stumped at what to do next. I didn't want to take it all apart and risk damaging the top...


Forward to an email I received to prompt me back into action....that was two weeks ago.
I gathered my courage and went at it again. I did have to remove the bottom half of the quilting and rework the blocks (the material was what caused the wrinkle in the first place) and carefully put them all back together so they would line up with the top of the quilt.


Anyway, you again...get the idea. Some 20 hours later, I had finished the quilt and have sent it on its way....
This is that lovely top, all quilted and hopefully reworked for another 70 years....




Happy Friday!!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

We have a Winner...

Here is our Dare To Dresden
Wrought Iron Stand Winner!!!
"How sweet and so creative,
I just loved your little bunnies (the real one too).
I also liked your tablerunner/wallhanging,
it does look like a fence at the ranch."
Please send me your snail mail address
and I will mail off your stand TODAY!!!!
for all the sweet comments and
for entering!
I wish I could send one to all of you!!!

My little Bunny Girl Won
in the Dare to Dresden Blog HOP!!!
Thanks to all of you!!!!
This is what I won....
It's called "I like you" from Windham Fabrics!
Madame Sam and our wonderful
cheerleader Christine did a fantastic job
and made this hop so much fun!!!
Happy Monday EVERYONE!!!!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Fabrics and a new mago...

Happy Friday everyone!
With all the fun this past week or so with
the Dresden Blog Hop, these little
fabrics have been patiently awaiting
my return to them...
and with the addition of my new
mago from JoAnn's Fabrics yesterday...
I know EXACTLY how this is going to turn out!

I mean seriously, could you NOT pick up a Quilty mago that
had something featured by Jacquie Gering???
I didn't think so...
A special THANK YOU for everyone that has
visited the blog this week and been
so sweet with all your comments on this little girl...
I can't tell you how surprised I was that
you all loved her! I made her on a whim
for the Dresden Blog Hop...
Thank you!
This is also a reminder to enter
my giveaway in case you haven't yet!

Here's to wishing you all a GREAT weekend!

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