Monday, September 21, 2015

Chapter Two...Spinning Pinwheels

This sweet little pinwheel quilt found it's way
into the story because it was actually sent with 
it's sister quilt from here.
Both quilts went to a home of three sisters.

These sweet girls found a permanent place in my heart.
Sometimes when you aren't really able to make it all better,
you want to just send love.

I wanted this one to be a little more playful for this middle sister.
These fabrics were scraps from other quilts.

All these little spins in the quilting were just sew as you go...
no pattern here, just a little bit of praying with each little loop.

Do you do that? Quilt for someone and either find yourself 
praying for them in the process or thinking about them with love?

Sweetwater made a beautiful little backing in all those tiny little 
yellow flowers...and the binding just added a little zig-zaggy fun...


In the end, it was just big enough for her to snuggle in...
and hopefully to feel loved in.

Tomorrow I will tell the rest of this story.
Until then...

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  1. That is beautiful, Lana. I love the soft colors. Yep....lots of loving going on here with my quiltmaking too.


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