Thursday, September 24, 2015

The rest of the Quilt Story...

Today I wanted to share with you the last of the
three quilts sent to a set of three girls...
If you are just joining the story, you can catch up
here and here.

I pulled out a quilt top that I actually had started
several years ago... and
until now, I didn't know how to finish it.

When I pulled it out of my closet, I prayed that it would
bring a little light to a really dark set of days.

You see, these three girls were the children
of a helicopter pilot that worked for our company.
His job was to fly workers from an oil rig
back to the mainland after their shifts were over.

This particular day, we received word that our pilot's
helicopter went down. We weren't sure of the outcome,
but the initial reports weren't promising.

Unfortunately, six out of twelve souls were lost that day.
This set of sisters lost a Daddy.
The thought of it all was overwhelming.

I can't promise tears didn't fall on these little quilts
and yet I just couldn't stop sewing.

I wanted to do something, and yet there was 
nothing to do...not really.

In times like this I run to the Lord. 
I prayed and ask
for Him to give them comfort, peace and for grace .

By the end of the weekend, all three quilts 
were finished, wrapped and tied up in love.

My prayer was that they would provide
warmth and comfort and invisible hugs
all in the memory of their Daddy...
A friend to many, a husband to a sweet lady
that loved him dearly and the father of some 
of the most precious little ones around.

I will carry them with me for the rest of 
my life and continue to pray that they know
they are all loved beyond measure.

In Honor of Captain Jay.
You are loved and missed...


  1. Very touching. Your are so sweet and giving. I'm sure your quilts will be a great comfort.

  2. Miss Lana,
    All I can say is prayers for all & my love and a hug to you!
    God bless~Lori

  3. Oh, my! I cannot imagine how difficult this has been for all touched by the loss of Captain Jay. I'm sure those quilts were difficult to stitch, but I am certain that they are treasured! Sending prayers to all.

  4. What a tragedy for all those who lost loved ones. I'm sure those little girls will feel God's love when they snuggle under the quilts you made. They will be in my thoughts and prayers.


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