Tuesday, November 1, 2016

In Our Garden Block...November

Can you believe it is already NOVEMBER? Wow...
Time sure flies!
Just a quick THANK YOU to Amy...what a wonderful organizer she is and so gracious! You did GOOD GIRL!

Well, this month marks the end of our gardens, even here in Texas.
It also marks the beginning of the clean up of our little bunnies...they love
the garden left overs.
Sew, that became my inspiration...little Pilgrim Bunnies that harvest the last of the
carrots and corn flowers.
This was a fun block to work on because even though it is very simple, I always love
anything bunny!

As  you can see, I just complimented it with another quick and easy block...A pinwheel block.
Pinwheel blocks remind me of the little toys we used to play with and oh, how the coming winter winds would spin those!
To make an easy peasy Pinwheel block...
Visit here or for a super easy way...visit HERE

For a finished 12 inch Pinwheel block, cut two 6 7/8 inch squares of each color. 

All the blocks this year in this hop have been splendid! I have loved every one of them!

Print this out on your computer as a full page...you will be able to trace all the items for your block.

The bunny garden block is just as easy.
Print the photo above as a full page and you will be able 
to trace each item for your block.
Simply place them on your precut block...

The pattern is easy and fun and you can add as many extra of any of these
and really fill your block if you wish!

Thank you for joining me for the newest Garden Block!

Now, on to some good stuff!
Don't forget to finish your blocks and post them 
on the Group's Facebook Page or Linky Party
for a chance to win one of the two prizes below:

Our first winner will receive this beautiful fat quarter bundle
Garden Girl by Riley Blake.
This is fresh from the International Quilt Market I attended this
week here in Houston!
You will be the first one to have it!
How about that?

However, that's not all...
A second lucky winner will receive a
 $25 gift certificate to our shop,

More blocks to come:

December: Jan - Sew and Sow Farm
January - Sew Incredibly Crazy - Final blocks and wrap up!
Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this group,
It's just been so much fun!

Good luck everyone!



  1. Hello Lana... the applique block that you designed for this month is sooo cute! I'm confused though as to how to get the pattern. I tried clicking on the photo of the pattern pieces but nothing happens. Is it perhaps available as a download or on Craftsy?

    I'm hoping to get both blocks done in the next day or two as the rest of November is completely booked. :)

    1. I can email it to you...lana@itseamstobesew.com

  2. I'm not able to get these patterns as well. Help?

  3. I have the same problem trying to get the patterns! Thank you they are both lovely! I can do the pinwheel without a pattern but the Bunny and pieces I can't get to print!

    Thank you

  4. OK Lana, you've stumped us all. Help please!!!

    1. Email me and I can send the pdf. Save it then print it. Lana@itseamstobesew.com

  5. Very cute bunny. To print I right clicked and saved picture as ... I then opened my saved file and was able to print it to a full 81/2 x11" sheet landscape. When I tried to right click and print I could not get full page so this was how I got around that.

    1. Thank you! I can also email the pdf if anyone else needs it and can not do it this way. Lana@itseamstobesew.com

    2. It worked perfectly for me doing it this way. Thanks Lana. These are sooo cute!

  6. It worked perfectly the way "works4me" said to do it. Cute, cute blocks, Lana!

  7. Using works4me didn't work4me. lol

  8. The first half of this tutorial shows how to make a large pinwheel. The block comes out at 12 1/2 inches and can be easily cut down. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9rgQd6asPQs

  9. Having trouble getting the pattern. schmitlin@elmore.rrr.com. Thanks so much. Love the blocks.

  10. Won't the bunny and things be a bit slanted with the photo being slanted?

  11. Lana,
    I tried several different ways and wasn't able to get it printed to size. could you please send me a PDF? Thanks, Liz eahorgan@gmail.com

  12. I love your two blocks. How do I get the pattern for them?

  13. Such a cute pattern! I'm having the same problems as the other posters. Could you please send a PDF file? Thanks so much.

  14. Hi I love your blocks but unable to download and print. I request to send me a pdf of the patterns. Thank you

  15. I would like the happy thanksgiving block could you sent the pdf to vetta@nrbchurch.com thanks

  16. I tried right clicking and saving the image, however I cannot print it at full size...not too tech savvy..sorry...Would you send me a pdf? Thanks so much in advance....! yessewingisfun@yahoo.com

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