Thursday, January 14, 2016

This door is to remain unlocked when occupied...

Two clear sentences continued to be set before
us this past couple of months...

One of the most notable quotes history...

"If you build it, they will come..." 
from the movie
Field of Dreams.

And then...
Believe it or not, this one from 
the bottom of the shop door.

"This door is to remain unlocked when this space is occupied"

We will talk about both and 
I will try not to lose you.


Everything you see from here on down...
 and I wish I could take credit for it all, 
but I can not.

My husband jumped in with everything he had
 on this one and even as my list kept growing,
he kept working. 

For example:

I needed shelves. 
He Built Them.

I needed a little sink area with a table leaf on the 
side of it so I could have a coffee / snack table.
He Built It.

(disclaimer: this one is not finished but 
only needs the sink and faucets now...I will
update it later)

I needed the shelf he built me at home
for my online shop 
painted and altered a bit.
He Built It Out.

I saw a cutting table on Pinterest months
ago that I had pinned from
and I showed it to Bill.
I bought the shelving units from IKEA and
put them together, but...
He Built that top.

To tell the truth...everything in this space 
he fixed, replaced, cleaned or re-tiled 
He BUILT everything else.
(including putting together my Handi Quilter Avante')

All that hard work led up to this....

These shelves with beautiful fabrics...

A place secured so I could display my favorite 
virtual rabbits from

It led up to a perfect Studio feel...

An even better classroom, all bright
and cheery...

A cutting center to make me never want to
cut anything anywhere else...EVER.

more displays of many, many colors...

Finally, it all led to this door.

My entire life, I've walked in and out of doors
because I was either told to 
 or I knew I had no other way out.
I spent a lot of time 
 looking in from the outside.

This time, the door opened.
I walked in.
I heard it silently drift closed behind me 
 and I thought...

"This door is to remain unlocked when this space is occupied"

The important doors in my life will remain unlocked 
as long as the space in my heart is occupied
with faith.

Thank you Bill 
for all the hard work, late nights, and hugs.
It Seams To Be Sew...



  1. Great how you tied it all in. Your shop is taking shape and your husband is wonderfully supportive AND a talented're a lucky lady. Glad I'm not the only one.
    xx, Carol

  2. It is really coning together. You must be pinching yourself to make sure you are awake and it it is not just a dream.

  3. Absolutely beautiful! It is so nice to have a supportive husband who helps you fulfill your dreams.

    1. Suzanne, I don't deserve it that is for sure...but I am very grateful...Thank you for stopping by today! Happy Friday!

  4. Oh, Lana! Are you going to laugh if I confess that I teared up while reading this? What a blessing. A labor of love. And what a dear husband you have! It sounds like ya'll make a good team! Congratulations!

  5. Oh Lana you are so wrong because you so do deserve this. You and Bill have always made the perfect team. May all your dreams come true. I love you girl. Patti xxx

  6. I did miss it. So sorry, But in my defense that was the week I was sick. It is looking beautiful. When will it be open? As I went back to look online again I saw some of the pages did open, I'm wanting the gloves and the bobbin and thread keeper. If the gloves don't fit can we exchange them? And the bobbin thingy never did open. Probably my computer, I will try again when you let me know about the gloves.

  7. I walked in today by accident passing by on my way back to work from lunch! So excited your shop is close by. I can walk to it on my lunch hour. :) I am a new quilter and can't wait to try new things and try out your classes and the handi quilter. Congratulations and looking forward to being a regular shopper! Blessings - Lisa Hay

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