Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our cup runneth over...

Mr. Hudson.
We celebrated his first birthday in January...and couldn't believe the year had flown by...what sweet soul this baby is...always smiling, always chasing around his big brother Grayson.

Little Miss Magnolia McCall joined an all boys club a few weeks ago with her appearance...and we are so in love with her! She has blessed us so much in the short time she's been here and we are just thrilled to have this little beauty in the clan...

And then again, on Friday night we welcomed our 7th GB...
Knox Huston...

It's been an eventful couple of years for us as a family to say the least.
We have welcomed four beautiful grandbabies and sadly, kissed one goodbye.

These babies are a blessing beyond words for us. God is ever faithful to restore us when we are hurting and little man Hudson, baby Maggie and Mr. Knox Huston are the real and tangible proof of God's faithfulness.

As Easter approaches, we will celebrate not only the resurrection of our Savior, we will also have celebrate His goodness in that our little grandbaby Kase is safe and is living still, with Jesus...and we are rejoicing today in the fact that we do indeed serve a living Savior that hears our cries, sees our tears and restores our hope.

These precious Grandbabies are a reminder of His love toward us and his trust in these new parents of these precious souls He's granted...
Our cup truly runneth over.


  1. Such beautiful babies Lana. Congratulation and thank God they are healthy.

  2. Just beautiful all your grandbabbies are, and you of course, my friend. Congratulations on tge latest two xxx

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