Friday, February 25, 2011

Happy Friday !

YES! I am here!
I had a friend text me this afternoon and tell me I hadn't talked to her all week! She asked me if I missed her and how my week was." 
I wrote back and said "SWOOOSH!!!"
That's how my week WENT!
Tonight, I will  get to step into my little sewing room and have some fun!
I have a craft show coming up - sew...I have a lot to SEW!
Here's one item I thought about. I know there are some out in the blog world,
but I had a different idea.
It's a curling iron cover and rest.
I can't tell you how many times I have burned my counter top because my flat iron was left on...
ok, left on for a day or more...
maybe even an entire weekend when I went to the ranch... **sigh**
But I digress.
So, this was a necessity for will remind me when I see it to turn it off!

I will put up a tutorial just in case anyone needs one's simple, but worth the few minutes it takes to make it.

Mind you, this was just a prototype...and I used some of my upholstery fabric...but I will make a few for my show in some better fabrics. This will wrap up and tie too so you can take it with you without letting it cool - that's the really neat part!

It can even be used for other things...with a little tweaking... I think with a little padding for a mini pin cushion and some non-slip fabric on the bottom.  Just a thought...hmmmm.
Oh well, I am going to go play!

I hope you enjoy your weekends girls!


  1. I have a curling iron cover that someone made me from YEARS ago and I love it! It's definitely seen better days though, I hadn't thought about making some pretty ones! CUTE!

  2. The curling iron cover is a great idea! And, yes this week did fly by quickly to for me too.


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