Monday, February 21, 2011

A Special Day

This weekend, I woke up to a post
from Joanne's website 
(the fellow blogger I had asked you all
to read about and 
keep in your  prayers...) 
and this was the entry I read.

"Gotin trouble for playing
twith the butttoondsds on my bed$$$
Ruhr nurse threatened
po rite my arms. Down !;) 
I'm not sure he reajhhyvwoufkld 
buut I sure got a good talking to" 

 Yep! You did read that right!
It was from Joanne herself!
She was generously given an
iPad a few weeks ago and
she has been communicating
through it since she still has a trach.

Almost daily, she is talking to her
husband, children and parents with
her new found "voice".

Today, I wanted to just take a moment to
celebrate the goodness of God!
I was in tears when I saw her post!

Joanne still has an uphill battle to fight-
and a race to run...but when I read that post  
from her, 
my thought was this.
The power of prayer is REAL.


  1. God works in amazing ways and He continues to show us through miracles like Joanne! Thank you for the update!!!

  2. Amen! So good to hear this news.

  3. wonderful news! She continues to be in my prayers.


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