Sunday, February 6, 2011

Now...where did I put that box...

About a year ago, my father-in-law 
had given me a box of fabric 
samples from an upholstery business. 
I looked through it and thought 
at some point I might 
be able to use it, so 
I took it home with me.
This weekend, I decided to dig
in and see what I could find. 
I wanted to make some 
place mats for a table and lo and behold...
I found LINEN...

Paired with some of my favorite fabric, not only 
did it add the much needed weight, but it was 
a dream to work with. I just love 
the way they turned out. 

Who knew...
Thanks Dad!


  1. Very nice! I love working with upholstery samples! I have a friend who used to work at our local furniture store and would save them for me. I made tons of pillows and tote bags of all sizes with them. Very sturdy and fun to combine different designs into one project.


  2. Glad you were able to find the fabric..They look great!

  3. The linen is a perfect fit with your fabric. You made lovely placemats!!

  4. They are so lovely. I love the way you have put both fabrics into your binding. So effective and gorgeous.

  5. It's always so satisfying to make something from salvaged materials. They turned out great!

  6. I LOVE the linen with that fabric, they look perfect!


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