Thursday, April 17, 2014

What is your Superpower...Get Ready to be Inspired!!!!

Today will BLOW YOUR SOCKS OFF!!!!
Won't you go and take a peak?
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What is your Superpower? Giveaway Coming!!!

Join us today, won't you?
All the projects so far have been so lovely 
and today is NO EXCEPTION!
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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

What is your Superpower? I bet you have one too!

Wow! What a great day yesterday!

I do appreciate all the kind comments!


Madame Samm and Pauline have just worked and worked...

Thank you ladies for all  you do!

Thank you too DMC - Threads!

Now...on to today's list...I hope you are enjoying this
little hop as much as I am!!!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Did you know I have a Superpower? It's my day to Reveal!!!!

Sew...what is MY SUPER POWER?
That was not a hard question to answer for me...
Let's see if you can guess...

Have you figured it out yet...

Sew...what is MY SUPER POWER?

That's RIGHT!
My Superpower is


I have three of the sweetest GBs in the world!

And I thought that even the phrase was an adorable
saying for my little Spring flavored project...

I figure when someone comes into the studio and reads
it, they will see what my Superpower is
 and maybe even 
share what superpowers they have!!!

I only had time for one project this time, 
but I hope you have enjoyed the journey!

Thank you  Mdm Samm and Pauline  for organizing this hop and all of us so well!!! 
And thank you to our sponsor, DMC Threads!

Please visit the rest of the
Ladies today and discover their SUPERPOWERS!!!!

It Seams To Be Sew...(you are here!)

What is Your Superpower?


Are you ready to REVEAL YOUR Superpower?
I am really excited to see what everyone created for this one!

Mdm Samm and Pauline have been 
working their special magic this hop!
And, once again, they have 
pulled us all together and convinced us all 
to reveal our Superpowers! Thank you both so much!
 And of course, our sponsor...DMC Threads...

Please come along for the ride!
You will love it!


Friday, March 28, 2014

Road 15...

This was a really fast quilt for me...
It only took 3 evenings after work from start to finish!
(about 3-4 hrs each night)

One of my favorite fabric designers is Sweetwater...
and a few months ago, I was given this wonderful line called
Road 15 by my fellow bloggie friend, Susan. I had the wonderful chance to meet here.

I remember when they were planning this cute little line...
they asked all of us out here in blog land to send in our addresses to be included in the fabric...

I added a few strips of  Hoffman Bali Pops Tiramisu Batiks, which is another one of 
my favorite fabric designers...and finished it off with some 
Robert Kaufman Kona Charcoal for the binding.

I decided to experiment a bit here too and quilt each block a little different...
it's my first time to try it...I usually chicken out not wanting to ruin any fabric!
Am I the only one that has that fear??? 
I also decided to open my stitch up just a bit...and I have to say, 
I did like that looked more like quilting stitches.

Please forgive the photo from my phone....ugh...

It's not perfect, but now I can say I have tried it...and hopefully it will get better!!!
It did crinkle nicely after I washed it, and that makes it feel nice and soft...

Best thing is that I have another finish for 2014!!!

Happy weekend everyone!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Need a Fun Scrap Buster?

So, the other day on my lunch hour...
I ran across a little short tutorial on how to bust through some scraps...
Christina over at "A Few Scraps"  has a wonderful tutorial ...and I just couldn't wait when I got home last night to try it!

Of course...I am probably VERY late to this party...but I SO needed a little something to pull me back into the studio after last week's sew-fest!!!

I will be back here tomorrow to show off what all I was sewing last week...