Monday, September 1, 2014

In the morning when I rise...

It all started this summer...
When my daughter was about to get married...
She had seen a sign that she really
loved and I thought I might could do it...
MIGHT being the optimum word!

I started at around 11:30 p.m. the night before the 
wedding rehearsal...when Bill came in
right as I was finishing up
and asked me if I knew what time it was,
I was surprised to hear it was 5:30 a.m.!
But I have to say...I had been in the zone...
and it was peaceful...serene...quiet...lovely.
Ever been in the zone working on a project?
Then you definitely get it...

Then it was like a light switch went on..
and I began writing on EVERYTHING!!!

and then today,
This Labor day, I decided not to clean the house 
as was planned from top to bottom...
I decided to do the laundry,
sew a little...
and then this happened with a board I had sitting
around that I had placed chalk board paint 
on already...
My inspiration from (again) Pinterest...

a sign I had wanted to maybe purchase
but when I found out the cost of the 
shipping...knew I could never do it.

but today...
I thought...
I can do it.

It is not at all like the one on Pinterest...
but i do love it just the same and
I know exactly where this is going...
Stay tuned...
So...leave me a link today of a project
you have done that Pinterest inspired.
I would love to see your version!!!
Happy Labor Day!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Building love...

Years ago, I had a friend named Ruby.
She had a home with a sewing studio in it.
Her husband built it for her.

It had a "L" shaped counter top large 
enough to cut out patterns and sew on it.
I can remember walking into her studio and thinking...
I secretly hoped I could have a sewing room like Ruby's.

In 2009, I set up my first sewing room in a newly
emptied bedroom vacated by "college bound" girls ...

My Bill has enhanced it every so often with little (BIG) things
like a magnetic board for patterns and pictures and my design wall...
He's even fixed little tables to help me 
with the load of those large quilts that have 
hung over my 6 ft. fold up table while I wrestled with them.
Oh...and that sewing machine thingy... last year... (Yes....that WAS BIG)

Wanna walk back with me?

My first little sewing space in my current room...don't you know I was thrilled to have it!!!
That was my brand new Brother Runway model sewing machine I had just gotten for Mother's Day
I really loved the simplicity of it...and the fact that I even had it!
and it then grew to this:

A beautiful design wall...yep...the one hubby did...

Oh...and that sewing thingy I mentioned above...
again...Mr. Bill.

Until finally...I was here.
No complaints. None.

But that man of  mine...

Built me a sewing cabinet last weekend.

It holds all my fabric,
my rulers, thread, and has a space for my cutting mat
and storage for my Go Cutter and dyes.

I will be able to iron on a portion of it...
oh, and of course it has that all important
sewing machine space too. 

It has enough landscape to sandwich any sized quilt...or 
to hold those quilts so I can actually quilt them without
them falling off the sides into the floor almost pulling my 
machine needle with them...

Even though my sewing room is still a mess right now,
and my sewing cabinet still needs paint and stain,
 and I want to add a few little touches...

 I just couldn't wait to
load it all up to see how it would look...

Friday, August 15, 2014

And the WINNER IS...

Aren't you glad it is FRIDAY???

Tonight after 3 LONG WEEKS...
I think my man will finally  make it home!!!

He's been working in California

I told my kids, I wouldn't believe
it until I saw him walking up 
the driveway...

Oh! and I WILL BE OUT 

I bet you want to know who won...

Let me tell all of you,
Thank you for joining in on the Giveaway!
It's been such fun reading about everyone's

And if you didn't win,
You will be able to purchase both
items on Amazon or from your favorite 
Quilt store...

ok...Here you go!!!!


Vicki H
My granddaughter and I finished up
 a pillow cover for her. She is 7
 so I helped her with cutting and pressing.
 Her seams and straight line quilting
 needs help but she went home extremely 
happy with her pillow." 

I will be emailing you shortly!!!
Send me your snail mail and 
your goodies will go out
on Monday!!!


Happy Friday!!!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Would you GIVEAWAY your HALO?

Quilt Halo - Free Motion Quilting Tool

I love little gadgets...
don't you?

I found this little beauty
and thought...

Are YOU into free-motion quilting?


This my friends...
is a

Quilt Halo 

Free Motion Quilting Tool

It is described as: 
Giving great support and control when quilting
Rubberized, weight, and metal
Safe to use with any domestic quilting machine
it replaces the need for quilting gloves or embroidery hoops


Let's have a little 


If you would like to enter...

1. Leave a comment here telling me what 
you are working on right now...

2. If you would like another chance to win,
become a follower - comment again to let me know!

3. For a third chance to win,
Mention this GIVEAWAY on your blog!
Be sure and come back and comment with the link!


Didn't I mention THIS would come with it?


Now let's get 

Happy Hump Day!

I will choose a winner on 

Good Luck!!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Finish it up Friday

So...this is was a big finish for me this week...a surprise for my husband's birthday...that he missed working out of town.  :(

You can see the first photo of the before....ugh.
My small purchases, which did include a gallon of paint...I painted all above the chair rail
with the exception of the window wall...

Of course I had to add my husband's favorite things...
and clean it all up!!!

Whew! The stuff I do when I get bored!  
I am going to love revealing it to him....  Happy Friday All!

Friday, July 11, 2014

Another finish...

With this summer of weddings...

This finish was for my dear friend Patty's son 
Josh and his sweet soon-to-be bride that will marry in August. 

Bride Karlie had pinned a beautiful quilt from Pottery Barn on Pinterest
that was a beautiful mix of fabrics all in a mixed square pattern.
The problem is that it was an older season buy 
and isn't available any longer.

YAY! Then I can just make one!

Forgive the quick phone photo!!! It's been raining here sooo much!

I went to Joann's and brought home
 this lovely selection! You know I hate
fabric shopping...

I did end up adding some squares from
 my own stash just to keep it interesting.

I had a set of vintage sheets that were so soft and warm,
I decided to use one of those for the back of their little quilt.

Well, I say little...
This quilt was a queen when I was finished.

It slid easily over both sides of my queen bed.
Loved the size, but oh the quilting!
You definitely get a shoulder
workout feeding it through the machine!

I just happened to have this 
material for the binding... and it was perfect!

Oh the joy of a perfectly folded FINISHED quilt!

I did have photos taken of the kids
with their wedding quilt, but haven't received
them, so I can't show them with
their quilt, but I can share them with you.

They are counting down the days...

Happy Friday Finish Ya'll!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Cutie Patootie...

If you want a giggle today...
Let my little GB Grayson put a smile on your face...
He's doing so well after his surgery!!!
I think he ALREADY knows what he doesn't like!