Sunday, June 15, 2014

Our Stories...

You have a story to your life...
You have dreams...hopes...wishes...maybe even moments you can picture in your mind right now that changed your life.
Where did those moments send you? Do you keep track of them? Where are you now in that journey?
I was 18. I was loved. I was in love. I married. I looked forward to a new life...and then it was gone.
His name was David and he was murdered....along with four others.
Life changing.
My world stopped,  but the world around me did not.
Our son was born six months later...and  joy returned...
Nearly 25 years later...those responsible were convicted. Years of work, tears and waiting ended. Relief set in...and forgiveness took hold.
All the while, God went about His restoration of all that was stolen.
Sometimes resistance on my part changed my course, but He continued to pursue me...He had so much more to give me.
Sometimes shame blocked those gifts. Sometimes my stubbornness kept me from His goodness. Most times, I thought I could do it alone...
But God has loved me so much He waited.
He worked behind the scenes. He set people around me that nurtured my soul...held my hand...and looked at me with love.
How do you comprehend that sort of love from a Father when you barely knew your own?
You can't.
God never expected me to comprehend it.
He did it all for me.
The greatest Father gave his very own son for me.
He knew my pain of loss. He felt the anger of the crimes against His own son. He GOT me.
and He possesses the ultimate ability to shower forgiveness.
Today He's reaching to you shower you with His goodness...

He knows your story and wants you to know His thoughts of you are of your value...your worth.

Because YOUR story has worth...

Happy Father's Day to my most precious Father who knows me and loves me...and who continues to write my story...


  1. That is really lovely, Lana. I'm so glad to read that your little guy came through surgery so well.

  2. You have given a touching and wonderful testimony. Thank you for reminding us all!

  3. Wonderful message , thanks for sharing .

  4. Love you my friend and thank you so much for telling your story up to now. Lots of Love P xxx

  5. You have blessed me today. God gave me scripture this morning in answer to an ongoing prayer of about a year. You confirmed that scripture, quilt looking back keep my eyes on him and step out on faith... Thank you for publicly sharing your witness. God is Great!


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