Wednesday, June 11, 2014



Our little GB is raising his hand in VICTORY!!!!  He sailed right through!!!!

Today our little grandbaby Grayson is in surgery as I am writing this to repair his cleft lip and nose. This is the first of two surgeries he will need ...the second one will be to correct the hole in his palette once he stops drinking from a bottle.
Sometimes it's hard being a parent...and grandparent...but he will be glad we did it someday....
We will miss his sweet smile that we have grown to love so much...but know that God is guiding his doctors hands...and  little Grayson's new smile will be just perfect too!


  1. I'll be keeping him in my prayers. The discomfort that he has to endure will be appreciated later.

  2. I will pray his pain will be for a very shortime. He is a handsome baby, I can hardly wait to see him with his new smile.

  3. Grayson has grown so much and he is so beautiful. I pray that everything goes according to plan. Please let me know - you have my email address.
    All my Love to you my friend.
    Patti xxx

  4. I am sure his new smile will enchant you just like the old one.

  5. So happy he is doing great after the surgery! Sweet little one. Praying for speedy recovery and many happy smiles from here on out.

  6. He is adorable! Many thoughts and prayers coming his way for a speedy recovery and an even more beautiful smile!

  7. He is so precious! My tongue cancer surgeon goes all over the world doing those surgeries. He is one of the best. Praying for Grayson!

  8. Little Grayson has been in my prayers. I hope he is doing well!

  9. I came to see if there was an update. So glad to hear he is doing well!!


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