Sunday, June 22, 2014

The guest book...

When my daughter...(aka baby girl) said yes...a plan was set in motion.
A wedding was in the works!
As any new bride knows...Pinterest is the place to go!

She found a wonderful quilt pattern called HST Love by Sew Katie Did...

The colors and pattern were just perfect for what she was looking for in a signature quilt.
We just modified it on the back to allow for the guests to sign it.

Her request was to have a throw quilt that they could have out in their living room in their new home.

Samantha chose almost the same colors..
but added the colors of mint green and salmon 
to match her wedding color choices...As you can see above, 
I bought all the fabrics...cut out all the triangles...
and then set about making this beautiful quilt pattern. 

Then the problem arose.
Katie's quilt wasn't made with triangles.
I only had her photos on her blog to go by and although it was made with HST's ...
my brain translated it to me as triangles.


So, I set all those triangles aside and went to re-buy the fabrics.


I found them all again, except the salmon color.
all I could find was one with a very muted print.
I prayed and then sent a photo of it to Samantha...

So, armed with this new fabric, I went about re-cutting!
Oh, did I mention the wedding was now a week away???
How hard could it be to make this simple pattern?

It wasn't hard to put the blocks together...
What WAS hard was figuring out the pattern.
I even had to pull my sweet man in on the job.
After nearly an ENTIRE day,
We came up with the above photo.

Samantha chose the back fabric for the subtle gray and it's pattern.
Great choice!
I just had to figure out all the measurements for the white fabric that people would sign.
"HONEY....Please come back and HELP!!!"
(isn't it great when you have a husband that is a math guru?)

Now to sandwich it.
Not an easy task when you live with a bad back.
Lucky for me, I found this tutorial literally minutes before on Pinterest 
from Color Me Quilty on Board Basting!!!!

So again...enter sweet man to the rescue.
He cut two boards for me and I added one little touch to make
 it easier to wrap the boards with my quilt.
I wrapped my boards with batting so it would 
cling to the quilt top/back without sliding.
I was hoping it would help me "load" my quilt top/back 
a little straighter and without any creases.

Thank goodness my Janome is so easy to quilt with!!!

And there you have it.
With two days to spare!
(is it just me or is it everyone's favorite part of quilting
 when you finally get to trim the quilt for binding?)

I was in love with how it had turned out...
and I already knew what binding to use.
Kona Cotton Charcoal.
Enough said.

The day of the wedding was lovely.
But nothing out-shined the beauty of my youngest daughter.
To brag just a bit...
This young lady went from graduating with her Master's 
just a month earlier to preparing for an entire wedding...
and she did it wonderfully and it was amazing.

Once the wedding was over and the honeymooners returned...
The newlyweds finally had the opportunity to
 read all the well wishes on their 
wedding "guest book". 
What an amazing moment...
These wishes from friends and family
 will live on this quilt forever.
They were so excited to get back to read them
 and to hug on their new quilt.
(I can't remember being anxious to get home from my
 honeymoon just to look at my guestbook...were you?)

I think they had a very wonderful idea to do this.
These two always think outside the box...
You gotta love that!

Aren't they adorable?

And look at all those well wishes and signatures...
Most treasured I am sure are those from people
 like her 83 yr young grandfather...that, with her Dad
walked her down the isle.  It was a beautiful moment.

I say this often, but this quilt really was a hard one to let go of...
maybe mostly because it was wrapped around a daughter I dearly love and her new love.

The next day, this quilt and these two
 lovebirds left to move to Ohio for his new job
and their new life...


  1. It is hard to see them go. They will have the beautiful quilt to remember everyone by.

  2. Oh how fun!!! It is a beautiful quilt and will continue to wrap them in love throughout their married life.

  3. How beautiful, Lana! Both the quilt and the bride!
    I love the straight line quilting. It is perfect for that design!
    Congratulations on the new son in law!!

  4. Oh gosh how beautiful you both look. The quilt is magnificent and what a great idea! The couple are stunning. What a wonderful day you all had. Love you to pieces. P xxx

  5. It's so lovely! What a great blog post from start to finish too;)

  6. Congratulations! The bride is beautiful and so is the quilt. I love that the quilt was the guest book. What a great idea.

  7. this is such a special treat for all those involved...Lana you can tell how happy everyone new beginnings...

  8. Awesome! Love, love, love the quilt and the idea....and what a cute couple! blessings, marlene


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