Thursday, August 18, 2011

Something Old...Something New...

A cousin in the family recently brought 
me a quilt top that had been started, but never finished.
She asked me to either fix or finish
it so she could at least enjoy it....

Sounds easy, but it isn't...

I can use some advice...
the quilt has some cigarette smoke stains, so:

A. Do I undo all the hand stitching (some is really uneven)
and simply wash the quilt top and start over?

 B. Should I try to finish the hand stitching 
and then give it a good washing?


C. Undo all the hand stitching, put new batting, 
new backing, machine quilt it, bind it 
and then have it professionally cleaned?  

The batting really is that thin all over...

Let me hear from you all!
I have until the first of September
to have this ready - 
That is our family reunion!!!



  1. definitely C!

    If you're going to do a job, do it properly as I was always told. You'll be pleased when it's done.

  2. Yes, I agree with Sasha - definitely C!
    It will be a bigger job, but it will look so much better once it's done!!

  3. I agree with C however if it were me, I'd remove the stitching and batting then have it cleaned before putting all the work back into it.

  4. I have to go with C. If for no other reason than to replace the yucky thin stuff that was used.

  5. One thought that hit me tho. Who did the original quilt? Was it this cousin or did a cherished family member give it to her (or did she get it unfinished after a death)? What does she expect? Does she like the simple old fashioned look or does she want it done right? ie: Will she be upset that you took out Memaw's hand quilting cause Memaw is in heaven?

  6. I'm a machine quilter so I have a biased opinion. I'd take it apart, put in good batting, machine quilt it and then wash it.

  7. Just an aside MeMaw is what my 2 year old grandson calls cats.

    Back to your problem. Ask first but knowing you Ms. Perfectionist rip it apart and use your magic on it. It will be perfect.

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