Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a little bit Hippie...

Do you ever see a material that just screams your name?
What's funny about this one is...
(ok, I am going to REALLY date myself here...)
But this fabric reminds me of a popular
television show when I was a very
YOUNG, ALMOST-BABY-aged child...
It was a hippie love show called
"Love American Style".

 (singing...) "I'm a little bit Hippie"...
(ok, there I go myself)


I told my friend Patty I was going to post these 
on my blog...aren't they BEAUTIFUL?

These are yet another example 
made by ME...

*applause allowed here*

from this past weekend!
I can't believe it...
Two desserts - just days apart...
I must be on some sort of
Grandma Roll!




  1. Love American Style? I even had a couple of children before that went off the air, at least the reruns! I can not remember the schedule exactly but the reruns came on in the early afternoons and I would watch it while folding clothes or changing diapers or making cookies! And I love the purse! It looks like you put on your thinking cap when you designed that one! So cute!

  2. I am now going to be singing that song in my head allday! I totally remember, along with Mr. Ed, Dark Shadows... Love the purse. I always am attracted to the extra large, very bright prints but I only like them in small doses as you've done. It's perfect.

  3. I love the purse....... I have fond memories of watching Love, American Style on Friday nights.... the cookies look yummy!

  4. Oh my goodness! I haven't thought about that show in decades - LOL! Wonderful bag :)
    You sure are getting in a lot of grandma practice :D

  5. It's beautiful! And yes, if Darla had children before the reruns went off the air, I was around (since I'm 3 1/2 years older than her!...ugh!) I was a teen in the late 60's, so I remember the Hippies, too! Could have been one if I had chosen that path!
    Keep in practice with the cookies! When that grandbaby grows some teeth, you'll be making more than you expected!

  6. Groovy:) Oh gosh, where's the recipe for those cookies? Cookies are my most favorite thing. Great looking bag. I like the pocket for the ink pen. Take care!

  7. I like your retro fabric. I remember the hippie days. Some of the tv from that era was wild and wacky.

  8. Your not old enough to be a hippie....grin. Love that purse.

  9. I LOVE the one hanging on the door! So cute!!

    Love you!


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