Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas...Day ELEVEN!

Oh my!!! Forgive me for being 
an hour and a half late!!!
I went to the ranch this weekend to get 
ready for our first Christmas there--
We have been building our home 
there now for 2 1/2 years...
Well, my sweet man has been, and I have been 
just a little helper!
But it's a five and a half hour drive,
and I got out a little late!!!
Before I go on, I want to tell my friend 
Patty - THANK YOU for being
my hands for the last two nights!!!!
She faithfully waited by her computer 
until I would call at 9:30 p.m.
both nights and then I would walk her through 
how to post the posts I had done before
I left!!!!  She had to help me pick 
the winners each night ~ and then
she would just type their 
number and name
in for me!!! 
(blackberries don't work so well!!!)
She did a great job and I love her 
for letting me count on her
to make sure I didn't let you all down!!!

Tonight's GIFT belongs to....
Marcia W

(These are all chosen by Random Integer, I am just not smart
enough to get the widget on here!!! )
Now...on to day ELEVEN!!!!    
In the spirit of the season, 
I thought I would give a few gifts...
Twelve to be exact!
Here's how this will work...
In the span of 12 days, 
I will be gifting a "present" a day!
Every night at 10 p.m. (CST) --
a winner will be chosen 
and your gift will go out the next business day!

You only need to leave a comment 
on today's post...
Tonight, it's your turn...
share with us one of your 
dearest friends...
and then I dare you to send them to
our little site here to read 
what you want to say to them!!!!

See you tomorrow night!!!!
Remember, leave me a way to contact you if you win..


  1. What a beautiful blessings friends are! Your new home looks to be coming together beautifully :) I am thankful for my new quilting buddy and dear friend, Missy, who has a heart of gold, a generous soul and though we are friends of just a few years, she is dearer to me than a lifetime of passing through friends. Thank you Missy. You help me be a better person and I hope friend, too!

    Blessings to you, Lana!

  2. My dearest friend is my DH, and he is standing behind me reading this right now..

    Your home is a work in progress and already looking good. 5 1/2 hrs....a commitment, sure enough.

  3. My dearest friend is Maggie who has been there for me through the blackest days of my life - quietly supporting and listening to my outpourings of grief - things I couldn't burden my family with

  4. My dearest friend is my husband. We have been married for over 35 years and I always tell people he is my very best friend. We do just about everything together (ok, he doesn't sew but he is always interested in what I'm doing). He is always there for support, love, guidance, laughter, sorrow, and anything else life throws at me.

    Love the home you are working on. I bet you can hardly wait until it is done!!

  5. My BFF is the most wonderful person in the world. She is a very kind and generous woman not just with her money but most importantly with her time and friendship. She rarely tells me no when I am excited about something and is always there to support me through to the end. We haven't been friends very long and yet I feel like I have known her all my life. Someday in the near future she will be moving 4 hours away, to another country and that day is gonna SUCK! I don't know what I will do. I miss her every day when she goes to visit there now. I hope she reads this and knows how much I love her and how lucky I am that she is my friend. Thanks for putting up with me, Pauline!!

  6. My BFF lives over 1000 miles away, but she is still my "heart" friend. We try to get together at least twice a year. We sew and laugh, and go to tea and talk about our lives and children and just enjoy each others company. What makes a dearest friend? It is a person who loves you and cares about you even with all of your faults. It is someone you can call up and share your hearts desires, hurts, victories, pain, and joys. She will encourage you with her words and prayers. There are very few true friends in this day and finding one is a blessing from the Lord.

  7. My dearest friend in my brother - who has been there for me so may ways and times I cannot count. I truly would not be the person I am today without him.

  8. Well, my BFF's is 41 years old, this year she and her hubby were blessed with a baby boy, they're married 15 years ago, and no kids until this year. Their cute baby's 5 months old, and yesterday I got an awesome new from her, she's pregnant once again, I'm worried about her, because her baby's too small and she got a C-section, as well her age, but I'm sure she's going to be alright

  9. One of my dearest friends is Ginny. We saw each other often until I retired & she did not. We try to get together to hike or have coffee but I haven't seen her since Spring!! So hopefully when she reads this she'll give me a call to go snowshoeing or have a xmas coffee.

  10. Wow! I was surprised to see my name on the post. Thank you for the gift for this day leading to Christmas.
    Your new home looks so large and the floor will be beautiful. I've experienced building a house at a distance, and it was a challenge too. Good luck!
    My best friend is my "baby" sister. She is even keeled and listens well. She takes after my mother in personality, intelligence, and good looks. Though now I can tease her about becoming a granny - her first grandchild is due in January.

  11. I've known my best friend for almost 30 years. We had our first four children around about the same time. I stopped with four, but she kept going til she reached 10!!! And if you lined her up with her married daughters, she'd look just like one of them. You can't tell she's the mom! Now she has 6 baby granddaughters!! ( I think it's 6...I lost count, but they're all girls so far!) She and I have shared many special times together and prayed for each other through the years. And I count her as my very special best friend.

  12. I have moved a lot in my 40 years of marriage .... 13 times to be exact and I know another move will be down the road in the next few years. Each move has been dramatic for me. I'm a shy quiet one or at least I used to be so making new friends has not always been easy. My moves have taken me many miles from home and twice to a different country...My BFF came to me through our love of quilting. She is like a sister to me, my younger American sister. She is so caring, thoughtful, kind, generous and I know when I return to Canada it will be the hardest move I'll have to make even though I will be returning 'home'.....closer to my Mom, sisters, brothers, my sons and DIL's and especially my Grandkids. I know there will be tears and I will miss her so much. Her name is Pam, I have known her for only a couple years but it seems like I have known her all my life. When we talked this morning, I told her I was going to post a comment about my BFF on your blog....and to check it out. She beat me to it and has already posted about me....she is so sweet, thoughtful, caring, and there is not a jealous bone in her body. She is just fun to be with, everyday we could do things together and never tire of each other. I love her, as I tell my grandkids 'to the moon and back'. She truly is the most caring and best friend anyone could ever want. Thanks for everything you do for me, Pam, you are the best friend ever and when I move back to Canada I will miss you more than you can imagine. I will cherish our friendship always! Thanks for being my BFF. XO

  13. My husband is my dearest friend. He has been by my side and in my heart for 40 years!


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