Monday, December 20, 2010

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas...Day TWELVE!!!!!

Wow, can you believe it? 
Tomorrow night is our
LAST night...
I told someone today...
I will miss you all everyday!

Tonight's GIFT belongs to...
# 12
Quilt n Queen

(These are all chosen by Random Integer, I am just not smart
enough to get the widget on here!!! )
Now...on to day 
In the spirit of the season, 
I thought I would give a few gifts...
Twelve to be exact!
Here's how this will work...
In the span of 12 days, 
I will be gifting a "present" a day!
Every night at 10 p.m. (CST) --
a winner will be chosen 
and your gift will go out the next business day!

You only need to leave a comment 
on today's post...
Since tomorrow is our last night,
I thought I would ask each of you
to share with me your 
Christmas wish this year...

My wish is this...
That I love my sweet husband enough 
and more this year...
That my children live free and under God - 
as He is their protection...
and that my Heavenly Father knows
how grateful I am for Everything...
that I somehow get to go to NYC
to see Neil Diamond get inducted into
the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
(Yes, Jesus, you knew I was gonna ask...)

See you tomorrow night!!!!
Remember, leave me a way to contact you if you win..


  1. My Christmas wish is that my family all stays safe and healthy. Also that I don't put too much weight on over the Christmas period!

  2. My only wish for this Christmas is to spend time with my family. Thanks for sharing your little adventure of 12 gifts of Christmas.

  3. My wish this Christmas is that both of my daughter's have safe travels as they journey to our home!

  4. My Christmas wish is that my DH gets well for Christmas and our friend Ed makes it through his surgery tomorrow with flying colors!


  5. My wish's I want my family to be happy!!!

  6. My wish is that my step-mom can recover well from the stroke she had on Thursday.

  7. I wish my neighbor comfort this Christmas after losing his dear wife last three weeks ago.

  8. Hello Lana,

    My Christmas wish is that there are no terrible accidents at Christmas time and everyone gets to spend time with family and friends.
    Happy days.

  9. I wish to have all my family home safe and sound this Christmas!
    I love the plaque at the beginning of the post - although I can make out the words I can't decide what it's made from!!!

  10. My wish is for travel safety for all family & friendstravelling thias holiday season. ( I hope you get to see Neil D. I love his songs!)

  11. Christmas Wish for the new year:
    Family harmony with extended families;
    A deeper relationship with God; commitment
    That my children will walk with the Lord this coming year and for the fence sitters to come down off that fence!!!!
    freeindeed at myfairpoint dot net

  12. My wish this year is for our family to have a healthy and safe year. That we are all able to have another Christmas with one another. I have wishes for each of my family members individually, but in essence this is the heart of all of my wishes. For me...all I want for Christmas is a Kitchenaid stand mixer. Oh how I long for one of those!


  13. Your Christmas wishes are besutiful. My wish would be for the continued health and happiness in our family.

    Niel Diamond in NY would be awesome!!!! I love that man and his songs. Many times I have him on in my sewing room. To see him inducted in the hall of fame would be unbelievable. I hope you get to go so you can share pictures with us.

  14. My Christmas wish is that I recognize my blessings and give thanks for every precious moment.

  15. My Christmas wish this year is the same as it's been for the last 20 years - PEACE ON EARTH PLEASE. I know that's not a realistic wish but one can always hope. Merry Christmas.

  16. Happiness and good health. Thank you so much, Lana, for doing the 12 gifts of Christmas. It has been really fun, and I've enjoyed reading everyone's comments! Merry Christmas everyone!

  17. My Christmas wish is that my father-in-law would stay long enough for everyone to get here and see him one last time and then he would go to heaven in peace.

  18. Thank you for the 12 days of Christmas posts. My wish for Christmas is improved health for me and my family, and that they each receive the gift of salvation from God.

  19. I was so excited that you chose my BFF's post yesterday. I wish for God to save this great nation of ours. I wish health and happiness for my family. I wish another year with my dad. I hope that God will grant me these things.

  20. Mama Spark you beat me are still my BFF!!

    My first wish is a big one.....peace and harmony everywhere.....can you imagine what a better place it would be. I wish everyone good health and, friends and strangers.

    Lana, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us during your '12 Days of Christmas' giveaway. I enjoyed sharing mine.

    Merry Christmas and best wishes to everyone, hope you have an incredible new year.


  21. My wish is that we all can learn to forgive and love again!


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