Friday, July 23, 2010

What to do...what to do....

I love Fridays! But who doesn't! I hope all of you have big plans and will get some time to sew! I have loved all the comments and visiting all the blogs this week...AWESOME talent out there!

Let me say, that sometimes my slow progress on projects are because of two reasons... I feel like I get these great fabrics and then can't decide how to use I don't. (leading to that ever so self-condemning moment of - DANG-IT LANA!) and second...once I do start on something, I get a little bored looking at the same material everyday, with the same indecisiveness and non-direction - that I will look to see what else I can start...and then BAM! Another project...more indecision...blah, get the picture.

So last night, when I was missing being able to write about anything new in my sewing studio... I decided to remedy the situation!

That's right.

I started another project.

I know. :)

On a POSITIVE note, this was one of those fabric lines I couldn't live without - Make Sweetwater, that I ordered a long time ago and it has been sitting in my closet haunting me everytime I opened the door...
so, here's what I came up with - and it is going so fast, that I might actually finish this over the weekend!

If you have any good routines to share of what you started out on when you began sewing or quilting that encouraged you to be the great creators you are...I WOULD LOVE TO HEAR THEM!

Enjoy the weekend!

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