Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A funny thing happens...

I don't know about anyone else, but when my children left for college, I was a little lonely.  OK, for those of you that know me...VERY lonely.  OK< OK! but there isn't enough blog writing space to write LONELY any bigger!
but I digress...
So, now that four of the five have spread their wings and left us with a virtual empty nest...(and I am only 45!) I began to want another animal around...I have two outside dogs...both Labs...we call them the Saw Brothers...(Buzz and Jig) and let me say their names say it all.

Mr. Buzz Saw
remind me to tell you the story of Wal-Mart ...

Mr. Jig Saw
and about this one's smoking habit...

Anyway...I was beginning to ask randomly for a little toy poodle...but wise hubby said no...and he was right. I didn't have time for all that potty and all..

But one day, while in the Tractor Supply store in Kerrville, TX...I had a "light bulb" moment.
I was wondering around the store and to my surprise, there were these little cages and metal bins with ducks and chicks in them. Cute...even adorable...but I had decided long ago, that with the Saw Brothers, birds would not work out so I knew there was no danger in looking.

Then it happened.
I went around the corner to another isle and saw another bin.

I walked up thinking, "man! how many birds DO THEY SELL?"

I looked down, and there they were.


I reached down to pick one up, and they all ran to the other side, "sept" (Texas term here) ONE.
It was a solid white, baby bunny with little ears and little paws...and she came to the side where I was reaching down, and sat up with her paws up wanting me to get her.  

I picked her up, and she immediately "skooched" (more Texan speak here) up into the nape of my neck...and...

I was DONE!

The guy in the store saw the whole thing...and as I was calling to my hubby to look, the store guy started laughing...and said, "sir, how do you like your new pet?"
I looked at Bill...he looked at me...and five blinks later...we were buying a house for our little "Cotton Patch".  (She only has one patch of gray on her nose and ears.)

Well, judge for you think she is a good companion? 
Let me just say...empty nest my foot! NO EMPTY NEST HERE!

Cotton's first close-up
Isn't she adorable in purple?
In case you haven't noticed...she GOES EVERYWHERE I GO...
and do you think Mr. Bill (aka:hubby) loves her at all?
and oh my...goodnight kisses are the best...
this just doesn't get old to me....being a photographer doesn't help either!
her favorite position in the evenings when we are watching the ASTROS
her new digs to go traveling with us...and we taught her how to take walks too!
hey, i missed showing you this one...
I know! I know! But Spring time at the Ranch this year was beautiful....
Cotton's favorite window in our little camper...
seriously, there's only one more...
hanging out ...


  1. What a sweet edition to your family! I love that she follows you around everywhere--very cute.

  2. Oh how cute! I love the flower photos and the photo for the evening position while watching the astros just caused an "awhhhh" moment. Congrats on the new addition to the family. I'm sure the saw brothers (clever name) are not too happy with the new family member.

  3. When do I get to meat this ever so "infamous" Cotton Patch???

  4. Thanks everyone...yes, Cotton is very loved...and believe it or not, the Saw Brothers actually don't mind her anymore...she on the other hand is getting a little braver, but still cautious...
    And Miss Patty...YOU KNOW I WILL BRING HER when I come up to visit... :) Be excited!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog and taking time to leave a comment. My question is--do the Saw Brothers like their new bunny buddy?

  6. oh my gosh!! She is cuteness, she is as good as the boots girly! I don't blame you for bringing her home! I have not seen those bunnies at my Tractor Supply!

  7. Aw, she is so sweet! I love the shots of her sitting among the flowers. And the one where she's laying on her back, showing off her belly reminds me of our cats! I hope the Saw Brothers are good to her!


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