Monday, July 19, 2010

Monday AND raining.

If you are where it is HOT, HUMID, AND RAINY is a Monday for you for SURE!
I hope your weekend made up for it though...

I did get more done on my project from last week - and I still don't know what I am doing with it, but I figure since it is for me, (first one in the last three) I can be as creative as I want to be!
Here's a sneak peak.

I am sure you notice - the blocks do not match up - I cut them diagonally and then staggered them for that long block. I am going to use that as my center "inspiration" piece and move out from there. I wonder how many of you have had a similiar project that you started, didn't follow a pattern and something really fun and funky came out of it...if so, let's see it and hear how it came about!

Our weekend...

We also went to the ranch this weekend, and spent most of Sunday unloading wood flooring! I was beginning to think the truck was filling back up with more the faster we would unload! This is the floor - we found it on Craig's List for $1.90 a sq. ft. (my husband said that is a great deal - I wouldn't know, but am happy he's happy) and it is called Brazilian Tiger wood.  It is a very heavy wood and very pretty. I am looking forward to when we will be able to install it. Oh, and did I mention the smell of this wood? Wonderful..

Well, I am thrilled to see some new visitors! I hope to see even more...I can't wait to get to know each of you and I can't wait until we start swapping ideas, patterns and giveaways! I have decided when we have at least 25 followers, I will have our first GIVEAWAY!  Get excited! I promise to make it something wonderful to celebrate the occasion!


  1. Oh my gosh love that flooring ... wish I could snag a deal like that too.

    I wouldn't worry about getting 25 followers as there are 1000's of us who prefer to use .... You're way past 25 I'm sure.

  2. That wood is just gorgeous! :o) Ironically, I am doing something "new" although, since I am a new quilter, I am sure it has been done before ... somewhere. :o)
    So glad you dropped by and would love to follow your blog and have you follow mine. It is so much fun making new friends in the blogging world, and you are right, trading ideas and recipes and patterns, etc. :o)
    As for the recipe I posted, seriously, these are the very best blueberry muffins I have had.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia


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