Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Redressing the Future Progress...

Remember this from yesterday?
Well, I am just working away!

The fun thing about this project
are all the patches are baby clothes...
the pink border is from the crib skirt and the flowered
sides are from the crib bumpers...
I love repurposing those as they looked like they
were a little expensive!
And now the fun part...I was a little worried about the
knit fabric squares...will those stretch when they are washed
if I don't quilt them? The span is only 4 inches...and the
batting instructions said up to six inches...
I sure would like to hear from some quilters
with more experience than myself...
I just couldn't bear to quilt over those little flowers...
So...I didn't...
Just needs a little binding!!!
I was getting way too excited when
I remembered this is a project for
TWINS...as in TWO sisters that are twins...
So...there is another one of these...
that will need ditto of this post!
Lucky for me that the quilting
is the fun part!
Seriously...These are now my favorites.
I really would like to know about those knit
squares though...any ideas out there?
Happy Tuesday!!!


  1. The quilts are gorgeous! I emailed you about the quilting. Look forward to see what you do! ;)

    1. Thank you Beth! I really appreciate the email and your time!


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