Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bunny Fever!

 If you are a follower of my blog,
You already KNOW I am the 
Proud Mama of a little bunny
named Miss Cotton Patch...
Mama...I was napping...

And today,
I would like to introduce you to
 the newest family member
to grace our home... 
another sweet little girl...
Miss Maeme!
Get my good side Mommie...
It just made sense to me to... 
JOIN a free BOM group over at 

Mama Michelle,  along with her two
favorite employees, Hannah and Harrington
have a really neat stitching project going on...

Look at these great kits!!!

The kits contain enough wool for all 12 months,
 beautiful fabrics to accent your blocks with, and 
floss kits for the final stitching fun! 
The patterns are all FREE on her blog!!!

Should you decide to join us, It's never too 
late...there are still kits available
in her little shop and the buns
will be more than happy to 
package them all up and send them
out to you...and maybe even put
a cute little bag of Jolly Ranchers 
along with it! 

Just look at this yummy package of 

Fridays are my favorite day over at Bunnyville...

If you haven't visited them in a while...
HOP on over  
(I couldn't resist)
and get ready for some fun
and a great visit with Michelle!!

"Maeme...close your eyes...she's gonna flash you!"

Be looking for my first little
BOM coming soon!!! 


  1. After I read an commented on your post I left in in the background and enjoyed your soothing music on this lovely Sunday morning.

  2. I love the kit contents and can't wait to see your block. Did you name Miss Maeme after Maeme Eisenhower? Because she was one fierce and determined woman that's for sure. Do you remember the I Like Ike badges? Because I just about do. I will email you soon I promise.
    Lots of Love
    P xxx

  3. Miss Cotton Patch and Miss Maeme are so sweet. I luv Michelle's Hannah and Harrington BOM...just might have to order the kit...I've not worked with wool and it is something I would love to try. Looking forward to your BOM. Have a wonderful day!! hugs.

  4. I'm sooooooooooooo happy the girls are such good friends now. Yippeeee!! Makes me smile so big!
    Happy stitching my sweet bunny friend.

  5. Your bunnies are so sweet! (Love your captions, too!)
    Looking forward to your BOM!

  6. Welcome new bunny who has a great name Maeme!! I so would have joined you in this BOM but i promised - don't worry I won't promise again but I do have to use some of my stash before I buy anymore or he who must not be obeyed will kill me. But I am finally learning how to cut and piece properly and I'M LOVING IT!!!
    Lots and lots of Love
    Patti xxx


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