Friday, June 1, 2012

A bit of Asian flare...

Another block off to it's new owner!
Raelene asked for any block
in Japanese fabrics...

 The fabrics were so beautiful, I may want 
to work with them again.

I didn't  have a pattern, but what ended up
happening was so of fun...
I fussy cut a few of the fabrics
and then added the stripes.

It came out looking like a 
Japanese symbol...
It's not, but my eye thinks it is...

I grew up in Okinawa and these little faces 
reminded me of a lot of the decorations of
dolls we had around our home...
I know my Mom would have 
loved these fabrics.


  1. What a beautiful block!!! I think it looks like a Japanese symbol, too. (I wonder what it might say!?) Gorgeous!

  2. I LOVE it!!! Japanese fabrics are my new favorite.
    Lots of Love
    P xxx

  3. I can't wait to receive this block It is perfect. I LOVE IT!
    Thanks heaps.

  4. Wonderful! When I was young a serviceman and his family moved next door. They had adopted a Korean little boy. When they moved on they gave me a Korean racket ( a wooden board shaped like a tennis racket) that had an oriental woman made from the most gorgeous silk material. She was carrying an opened umbrella. It came in a case which I have had hanging on my wall for years. This reminds me of that gift.

  5. Love it. It's gorgeous.
    Love you
    Patti xxx


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