Thursday, August 11, 2011

OK in OKC...

 This week, I was able to sneak away from work for a couple of
days to visit my daughter in Oklahoma...and she always loves
going shopping..
After an afternoon of the mall and Target...and the movies..
(if you haven't seen the movie "The Help"...go! SO GOOD) 
by some great fate...we landed here... LOL!

And this was the first thing I saw when i entered the shop...
Instant LOVE.

 Projects hanging in their class...I just fell into that star quilt...

And look at this much perfection!

All around the shop, there were so many pretty colors...

The shop itself is full of all sorts of quilty goodness!!!
Everywhere I looked, I saw designer fabrics galore!!!
It made me want to come visit my daughter at least 
once a week now!!!

The shop is expecting a bus tour in a few weeks
that will be carrying 200 quilters! If you are on that
tour, you will most CERTAINLY love this shop!!!!

The staff is most gracious and very talented...
Remember that quilt I saw when I first walked into
the store?  
Well, you guessed it...I bought the kit!
As it turns out - the inspiration of this quilt
came from a pattern called "BLOOM".
and the lady that put this re-design 
of that pattern together actually
worked in the shop!

I thought she was as lovely as the quilt itself!
It was refreshing that she wanted to make sure that
I knew that this was inspired by another pattern -
instead of simply taking all the credit...

Sew...if you are in Oklahoma City, stop in and visit their shop!
You will not be disappointed! 
I know I will be back - if not in person,
definitely ONLINE HERE!

Well, I can't leave without sharing what I 
found at Target for my sweet little gb to be...

and you know it's true...
Gma already loves you...


  1. I love visiting new shops when we travel! I find so much inspiration that way!'ll have so much fun shopping for your grandbaby to be!

  2. Looks like a wonderful shop. Can't wait to see what you work up from the new pattern purchase.
    You are going to just love being a grandma!!!

  3. I had the opportunity to visit this shop a few years ago. It is a wonderful shop!

  4. Must go to Target! And love the pictures of the quilt shop! I am getting an itchy check writing finger....


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