Sunday, July 10, 2011

Finding the time...

Last weekend, My adorable little friend Linda from Buzzing and Bumbling  
came out to the ranch to visit...
and look at the sweet pin cushion she brought to me!!!
Let me tell you, it has been a lifesaver this week working on quilts...
Just looking at it makes me smile...

It was soooo I really thought it was wonderful
of her and her sweet man to come out to the ranch
and spend some time with us...
** Hugs** to Linda~

As for the Hidden Cross Quilt, things are still plugging along ...
 Wait til you see how I had to fix a mistake after I noticed 
it when the quilt was nearly finished!!!!

This coming week, my sweet man and I are actually
going to get to VACATE!!!!
Even with this TEXAS heat, we are headed back
out west for the first part of this week,
and then off to Denison up in north TX 
for my friend Patty's daughter's wedding...
The little quilt will make the trip with us!

I will try to log on later this next week with some more
new pictures of my new babies...I only have pics of 
my new gray moo moo...but there's a chocolate one too!
Hey, I am looking to name if you have any ideas,

But before I go...
yesterday, I went to East Texas to meet my newest
nephew...He makes # 7 overall and # 3 on the Great Nephew count...
Meet Nathan Maxwell Hamilton...he's one week old.

He was soooo excited to meet me since he had heard
so much about me from his parents in his first week of 
life...He just couldn't contain his excitement!!!

I know baby...I felt the same way!

awwhh....Gia...(short for Great Aunt Lana...)
this is heaven...

Just wanted to wish you all a great week!!!


  1. Babies steal the show...quilts have to come in second in this case...He is big for being a week old!

  2. Nathan is such a cutie. Lovely photos!

  3. Your Great Nephew sure is a can tell he is loving his Great Aunt Lana....thanks for showing us your 4 legged baby too. I would call him 'Ashton' It is unbearably hot for Michigan and very very dry.... Have a safe trip....hugs from Michigan.

  4. I had a friend who owned cows - she named her two "Chuck" and "Ribeye" - just so she could remember why she had them!

  5. I'm so glad your Little Miss Bumble helped you out!
    Nathan is precious! There's just nothing like a baby to tug at my heartstrings!
    I've never named a bovine baby, so that's one I would really have to think hard about! so cute, though!!! Hmmmm....the chocolate is a boy right? If not, it could be Lady Godiva! Or how about Hershey for a boy. I think I need to go get a piece of chocolate!
    Have a relaxing vacation next week!!!!

  6. Adorable baby...... I have a son with the same first and last name......... :)

  7. Nathan is adorable. Both of you look quite happy :D Looking forward to hear how you solved your Hidden Cross Quilt mistake. Names for your babies? I like Linda's suggestion for the chocolate one. I'll have to think on the gray name - lol!

  8. You photograph so well in Heaven !!!! - Beautiful ;)

  9. Nathan's a sweetie!
    Like Sarah Craig's friend we give our beasties names that reflect their purpose though two of the slightly unusual names were Stuart (translate to Stew-it) and Orange as he used to run down the paddock after them, mooing, if you threw an orange over the fence for him to eat. Lol, it was like he was 'claiming' it so the other cattle knew who it belonged to! Celebration names are also good too for keeping track of how old they are - Christmas, Easter, etc.


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