Tuesday, July 19, 2011

200...Sew sad to see you go...

Sew...as it is with some seasons and some giveaways...
my newest followers say goodbye.
I just wanted to say, I will miss you...and perhaps sometime
in the future you will come back and stay a little longer...

For those of you that stay in there day after day with me...
have walked with me through this past spring, and now even this summer...
even in the midst of my fight to keep moving in what has become a very tough year at times... 

Thank you.



  1. They are gong to miss out. I am so sad when I see my number drop and I wonder what I might have done to cause them to leave. You will be back up very soon, I'm sure!

  2. We didnt want to play with them anyway! Easy come easy go easy come again. I lost a few and then logged in to see I had some more! And I have barely een logging lately! Hope nyou are having a great summer!

  3. It's all good, I only have 2 followers :-)

  4. I wouldn't worry too much about it. Sometimes people get overwhelmed by the number of blogs they have to keep track of, and unfollow to get the number down to something they can manage! Plus, I see your number is back up to 200!

  5. I only have 5 followers and I actually wonder where 2 of them came from..... oh well... I am a new follower and I enjoy your blog. I'm not leaving!

  6. Thank you sweet ladies...you are right! Linda- you know I love you! Colleen...you are a favorite jewel! Missy, Sarah and Karen...you all made my evening! Thank you ladies! ok...on to the next post for sure!!!

  7. I love your sunshine quilt blocks..... we even used some of the same fabrics. Great minds do think alike!

  8. People come and go in our lives and sometimes they are just taking a blog break....sounds good to me....just sayin'

  9. Wow. This must be the week of moody followers. Another blog I read had an "anonymous" follower write a nasty post then leave. It seems some people just have no class let alone common decency. You do an awesome job here. Here's to hoping your next 200 followers will show a little more grace.

  10. Those that leave are the ones that are missing out. I enjoy our friendship too much to leave!!

  11. Here's another view: I'm signed up for various blogs through Google Reader. Then...when someone has a giveaway and asks for followers, I have to sign up to follow. That means I have the same blog both in the google reader list and in a different list above that lists all the blogs I "follow."

    This means when I read one in one list, the new post disappears...as it should. The other list still has it in it as unread until I go and click on that. Double duty!

    Some days I decide to go through and eliminate from following all the blogs in the follow list that I already follow in google reader (my main reader). I still scroll back through the "follow" ones....TWO lists! So I can understand sometimes going through and weeding them out.

    Some of your un-followers may still read you but aren't in your follow list anymore.

    I actually was reading you in my bookmarks but not officially following until your giveaway.

    I've often wondered if friends that I unfollow (but not really unfollow since I still read them in my main reader) actually know who are the ones unfollowing. It would be embarrassing!

    Okay, I think I've totally confused the matter! But hope that helps.

  12. Dear Lana

    I am sorry you have lost some of your followers. The blogs I had to sign up for because of a giveaway, I either just never look at again, because I very rarely go to that part of Blogger to be honest, or when I can be bothered I do delete them. But the blogs, like yours, that I actually want to see when you write something new I make sure that, if I possibly can, I get an email telling me you have a new posting. For a second there I thought I had left you, but of course I haven't, because I got my email.

    Hope everything is cool with you.
    Patti xxx

  13. Thanks for offering the option to follow via email. I am much more inclined to read posts that appear in my inbox. I don't have many blog followers because I don't keep mine up to date, but my feelings are always hurt when I notice that my Facebook "friend list" shrinks.

  14. I do not always comment, but I read and enjoy your blog.

  15. Hi Lana...I too follow your blog and am not going anywhere. I wasn't blogging for about 7 weeks and lost a few followers....it does make you sad but that's OK. I've started again and I'm going to try to do at least 1 post a week. Just had my first blogiversary and have a giveaway....ends tonight.....I extended it 3 days and picked up 7 new followers but still didn't reach my 300. I'm finding a lot of bloggers are not as chattie...maybe it's the heat....their on vacation or just plan busy.... I see you are back up to 200.....keep smiling ...(o:


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