Thursday, May 19, 2011

Cowgirls N' Angels...

So lots going on in our little family...
As many of you know, I have no less than FIVE children...
With that comes many many hours of fun, excitement 
and future plans these days!
You will have to stay tuned...

First one...
My oldest daughter Jennifer and her sweet husband are hosting
this at their house in Stillwater, OK...

Photos and story by Neel Arora
 (Article from the Stillwater newspaper, Newspress )

Filmmakers were shooting scenes at the 
Payne County Expo Center 
Thursday for the movie "Cowgirls N' Angels."
The film is about a girl looking for her father along 
the rodeo circuit. James Cromwell and Bailee Madison star. 
Hundreds of Stillwater-area residents signed up to be extras. 
The film crew shot scenes at a
Stillwater house Tuesday. (MY DAUGHTER'S HOUSE!)
Scenes also are being shot in Guthrie and Pawnee.
Cromwell's lengthy career includes the human
lead in the popular pig movie "Babe," 
and roles in "Star Trek," 
"L.A. Confidential" and "24." 
Bailee Madison starred with 
Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston in "Just Go With It."

They "dumbed" it down to make it look like a single mom
could have lived here...  
(their words, not mine...)

The movie trailers lined the tiny streets...I bet this was a HOOT!

So...where are my daughter and beloved SNL while all this 
is going on you ask?
IN A WONDERFUL HOTEL for the week!

Now, we all knew them when...
LOOK for the movie when it comes out..
may be on the big screen or Lifetime..
but either way... I will be WATCHIN!

can we say TWO for the price of ONE?
Come back and you will get it...


  1. Lana, that is so exciting!

    I had a student in my class nearly twenty years ago whose home and rodeo arena was used for the movie Eight Seconds. I knew nothing about it until after the fact. But all of my students were aware of it. I think the child told me about it before hand but I did not believe him. How often does your house get used in movies?

    I'll have to watch for the movie.

  2. How exciting!!!! Wow! That's the stuff us regular people dream about! I will certainly watch for the movie.

  3. How fun! I bet they will stories to tell!!

  4. We live on the same street and it has been fun to watch the activity. ) How fun for them. We will be extras in the movie.

  5. That is so cool!! Your daughters house is so cute!! I am looking for a house like that to buy hopefully in the future!!)) Can you believe they shot in Stillwater!! I was able to be in the film for 4 days ~~~ it was alot of fun!!

  6. O and by the way what does the "dumbed" mean?? I mean did they add foilage or something to the fence is that what that is ?? Just curious~~ I have been learning all of these movie terms.ha Thanks.


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