Monday, May 23, 2011

The Baby Girl...

There are some days when hard work just pays off...
My youngest daughter Samantha, is the perfect example of that.
When she came to us, her life was upside down...
She used to think making D's was a goal.
In High School, we learned she hadn't had even the 
most basic of building blocks to be successful in Math.
Bless her heart, multiplication tables were an enigma.

But she never gave up trying...working...trudging forward.
There were days she wanted to quit.
Days that seemed like she would quit.
But her faith in God gave her the strength to keep moving.

When Samantha was accepted to Texas Tech, I cried...BIG TEARS. 
Some were for the accomplishment sure...but mostly because she was
moving to Lubbock...over 500 miles from home.
See this fountain? This reminded me of all God's promises for Sam that 
we prayed over her while she was there. 
God had so much for her in the palm of his hands, and we just prayed
He would just pour it over her...
He did...and then some...

And then came her senior year at Tech...
Her hardest class she had saved til the last semester..
Any guesses? Yep. Algebra.
You heard me...Oh man....
Up until the last week, she was swinging away trying to finish...
we were praying she would just pass.
God had one last great thing to pour over her.
She made a B in that class!!!

Amazing Love.

So here we were, it was finally her day to shine.
She had on a beautiful dress, and a graduation gown.
But the sweetest thing she wore was that smile.
She had done it.
We all stood tall that day in the audience when they called her name.
We held up signs like we were fans at the WWE!  
(World Wrestling Entertainment, for those 
of you that don't have date nights on Monday night
with your hubby to watch 
Monday Night RAW)   :)
She looked up from her seat, and we could all see it.
That smile.
I will never forget it all the days of my life.

When it was all said and done, she drove past us and proudly held up
her diploma.
You know, after the month we had all had, to see this was a reminder
of God's grace and unchanging love.
He truly is a God of restoration.
He granted my baby girl a victory.

Why wax so sentimental?
I will tell you why. 
She is a remarkable young woman 
and her daddy and I 
are very proud of her.

Samantha, you did it.

Jesus, you carried her.

Daddy you paid for it.

AND Me? 
I just get to brag about her!


  1. Congratulations to Samantha! You deserve to brag about it!

  2. What a wonderful young woman. AND....wonderful parents to see her potential and push her toward that!

  3. Congratulations to Samantha and to both you and your hubby! Thanks for sharing your happiness!!

  4. Congratulations to all of you!!!

  5. I am especially proud. Thanks to you and Bill.



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