Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Twelve Gifts of Christmas Day Seven!

The Spirit of Christmas is all around...
Blog Land is beaming with it...
Houses light up the night sky...
Christmas cards are filling mailboxes ~
and people are remembering 
what they believe in... 
What a wonderful time of reading
everyone's favorite toys! I knew
that would be a fun event!
We all shared our age in years...
but not in our hearts!
I say....

Tonight's GIFT goes to....


(These are all chosen by Random Integer, I am just not smart
enough to get the widget on here!!! )

I hope you share your "toy stories"
with those around you this year!

Now...on to day SEVEN!!!!    

In the spirit of the season, 
I thought I would give a few gifts...
Twelve to be exact!
Here's how this will work...
In the span of 12 days, 
I will be gifting a "present" a day!

Every night at 10 p.m. (CST) --
a winner will be chosen 
and your gift will go out the next business day!

You only need to leave a comment 
on today's post...
What does the 
Spirit of Christmas
mean to you?
Please share...

See you tomorrow night!!!!
Remember, leave me a way to contact you if you win..


  1. The spirit of Christmas rests in the origin of Christmas. The birth of Christ.

  2. I agree with Michele. The Spirit of Christmas is celebrating the birth of Christ and His coming to earth to bring salvation to all mankind. That's what Christmas is all about.

  3. To me the spirit of Christmas is about kindness and generosity to the less fortunate and showing our love for each other.

  4. The Spirit of Christmas is Christ's Birthday,thinking of our family and friends and those less fortunate. Wouldn't it be lovely if this went all year through.
    Merry Christmas.
    Happy days.

  5. To be honest, my family is not very religious, but to us Christmas is about family, generosity, and spending time! Merry Christmas!

  6. I feel a little like "Charlie Brown", struggling to find what Christmas Spirit is all about. This is the 1st year my girls both moved out of state and they plan to be here for Christmas. Family reunited for the holidays.

  7. The spirit of Christmas, to me, is to give. Give unexpectedly or intentionally, it doesn't really matter. Random acts of kindness and remembering that there are so many people that need all year long.

  8. There is a magnet on my refrigerator to remind me: "Jesus is the reason for the season." Merry Christmas. Congratulations to Deb.

  9. To me, the Spirit of Christmas means love, family, and friendship.
    Congratulations to Deb!!

  10. I think of the spirit of Christmas as celebrating God giving His own Son, by us giving to others.

  11. Thank you for the gift Lana!! I'll look forward to receiving it. And thank you everyone for the well-wishes! I've surely enjoyed the 12 Days of Gifts so far.

    Christmas to me is celebrating the King's birthday! Of all the birthdays ever, what a special one it is! So the Spirit of Christmas to me is a festive birthday occasion because God gave us the Gift of His Son Jesus!

  12. I, too think the spirit of Christmas ia about the birth of a special babe in a manger many years ago. Our nativity scenes throughout our homes are constant reminders for us to slow down and enjoy the beauty of the calm and quiet of the year.

  13. Kindness. Following the lead of Jesus to be kind to all.

  14. God loves us so much, he was willing to come to earth as a vulnerable baby for a short time and then to die for us even though we didn't deserve that love. We, in turn, are told to love those around us - even those who don't deserve it.

  15. The spirit of Christmas for me's the birth of Baby Jesus, also love and kindness attached to Him and our families

  16. For me the spirit of Christmas is giving. God loved us all so much, He gave His only son so that we might get salvation. I think about that, and my cheerful gifting is nothing by comparison. But it is the way that I glorify Him. Though I'm not keen on the commercialization of the season, I try to donate things, adopt a child from the angel tree. For me, these things embody that spirit of Christmas.

  17. The Christmas spirit is celebrating Jesus' birth. It's also a time for getting together with family and friends.

  18. the Spirit of Christmas is knowing that we are celebrating the incarnation of God as man, and the joy it brings makes us better people.

  19. The Spirit of Christmas is about celebrating Jesus' birth so that he could then make the payment for our sin on the cross. He gave his all for us and we need to give to others!


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