Friday, July 11, 2014

Another finish...

With this summer of weddings...

This finish was for my dear friend Patty's son 
Josh and his sweet soon-to-be bride that will marry in August. 

Bride Karlie had pinned a beautiful quilt from Pottery Barn on Pinterest
that was a beautiful mix of fabrics all in a mixed square pattern.
The problem is that it was an older season buy 
and isn't available any longer.

YAY! Then I can just make one!

Forgive the quick phone photo!!! It's been raining here sooo much!

I went to Joann's and brought home
 this lovely selection! You know I hate
fabric shopping...

I did end up adding some squares from
 my own stash just to keep it interesting.

I had a set of vintage sheets that were so soft and warm,
I decided to use one of those for the back of their little quilt.

Well, I say little...
This quilt was a queen when I was finished.

It slid easily over both sides of my queen bed.
Loved the size, but oh the quilting!
You definitely get a shoulder
workout feeding it through the machine!

I just happened to have this 
material for the binding... and it was perfect!

Oh the joy of a perfectly folded FINISHED quilt!

I did have photos taken of the kids
with their wedding quilt, but haven't received
them, so I can't show them with
their quilt, but I can share them with you.

They are counting down the days...

Happy Friday Finish Ya'll!!!


  1. Beautiful, Lana! what a GREAT wedding gift!!

  2. What a perfect and beautiful gift!!!

  3. just gorgeous Lana and what a perfect wedding gift. Love you P xxx

  4. lots of love in all of your photos....

  5. Such a cute quilt. I am sure they love it.

  6. Lovely quilt. Wonderful gift. Best wishes to the happy couple ... :) Pat