Friday, August 8, 2014

Finish it up Friday

So...this is was a big finish for me this week...a surprise for my husband's birthday...that he missed working out of town.  :(

You can see the first photo of the before....ugh.
My small purchases, which did include a gallon of paint...I painted all above the chair rail
with the exception of the window wall...

Of course I had to add my husband's favorite things...
and clean it all up!!!

Whew! The stuff I do when I get bored!  
I am going to love revealing it to him....  Happy Friday All!


  1. A remarkable change for so little financial cost, I can see where most of the effort was physical. It looks great and so much more peaceful. Hope it stays that way long enough to be worth all that work. :-)

  2. Forgot to tell you, the new banner is very cute and eye catching.

  3. Lana it is just gorgeous. He is so going to love it. Love ya xxx

  4. His office looks so much more organized. Nice.

  5. love the lamps....get bored...explain to me what that feels like lol

  6. Oh, Lana! He will love it, I'm sure!!

  7. Lana ... what before and after photos! A labor of love for sure. It looks so open and simplifiied now. May your hubby enjoy his peaceful new room ... :) Pat


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