Wednesday, October 21, 2015

It Seams To Be Sew Grand Opening WINNER for week 4!!!

Over the past few weeks, I have been
asked why I opened an online shop...
and then that is always followed up by...
and you LEFT your FULL-TIME job
to do it?

For years, my sweet husband and I have
been building a home in the Hill Country in Texas.
We wanted a place in the country to move
to and get out of the city...(Houston)...not that we
have anything against Houston or Sugar Land
where we live in the burbs...but all our 
children are grown and gone and the Hill Country 
was calling our  name.

and yes...that's me...but the hubby built all the rest
all by himself! I just handed him tools...
When I started blogging, I knew that someday we would move
and I would want to open my own 
little fabric shop where ladies or anyone could
come and learn how to quilt, laugh, and 
enjoy one another's company.

It Seams To Be Sew Fabric Shop is
the beginning of that dream...
and Yes.
I did leave a full-time job to do it.
Believe me, it requires it so you have the time
to get it all up and running and moving forward.
It also allows me the time to create in the studio.
That's the best part!

As we near the end of the Grand Opening next week,
I hope you will bookmark our little store
and check with us often. We promise to offer the
best fabrics, notions and service...because I know,
(from experience) that you could have shopped 
anywhere else online and because of that,
I will do my very best to add a little personal
touch to your you will come back again.

Thank you to all of you that have already 
stopped by and signed on as customers...
I value each and everyone of you!!!

for Our Grand Opening Winner for
Week # 4!!!

I let my sweet hubby 
pull the name from a hat of 
all that entered here on the blog 
and Facebook...
But the WINNER IS:

PATTY D. from N.C.
I am emailing you now for your
mailing address!!!!


  1. I'm glad you are following your heart and opened a shop. Quit your full time job to do it? Yay. I don't know what you left, but I know what I left when I retired two years ago and I have never looked back.
    xx, Carol

  2. A dream job, I've always thought of doing just what you are doing. You will have so much fun, meeting and greeting, following your heart and living your dream! Wishing you every success as you share your love of quilting!! Happy stitching pauline

  3. Plenty of room for visitors I see, it is usually nice to have the kiddos back for a short visit. Sometimes they like it too much. 8-). I'm so glad
    you did not wait.

  4. Plenty of room for visitors I see, it is usually nice to have the kiddos back for a short visit. Sometimes they like it too much. 8-). I'm so glad
    you did not wait.

  5. Congratulations on following your dream. I am sure you are going to love the Hill Country and your ability to play with all that yummy fabric.

  6. Well at least you got the first part of the name right, even if it was spelled wrong! I love that you are going to move there and have plenty of room for people to come and stay - especially your grandbabies!!! I so wish you all the best with your new venture and I shall be sure and buy from you. Do you have any Jelly Rolls or Layer Cakes please? Love P xxx

  7. Sweet. I bet you are excited to be in the hill country permanently.

  8. I was so happy to get the email on the win. I love the look of your new store and will check it out often.

  9. How exciting for y'all! That's quite an accomplishment and it's extra special that the two of you are building your new nest together! Lots of hard work, but it'll be amazing. I hear you on the pull of the Texas Hill Country! Where exactly are y'all planting your new roots?


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