Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Aqua Crossing

Last night is the first time in a couple + weeks, 
 I had been in my studio working on anything.

I took a break. I needed one.

But last night, I decided to make something just for fun.
For no reason. Just because. Just with what I had.

It had to be simple and fast so I could feel a little progress.
Above is what happened and then I went to bed.

Sometimes it's just like that isn't it?


  1. Your quilt is going to be lovely, Lana.

  2. Lana, sometimes simple is beautiful! Your quilt fits that catagory! Wow!

  3. Love the simplicity of the quilt, but where are you? I hope your doing well. I've been slow on working my blog too trying to fill my booth in Bardstown. I have also been on social media too much and not achieving anything from it. I ask God to help my self discipline but still relying on him. And He was kinda point blank about He has been talking to me thru His word. I just haven't been listening real well. I close His book and I just seem to forget about what he said.
    Oops did not mean to go on. Again I hope you all are doing well. Get back on your blog and let us know.

  4. Love that crossing quilt; I am in the process of making one for my grandson--his will be in oranges (his favorite color) greys, B/W and maybe turpuoises??? Am cutting 5" squares right now---


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