Friday, April 3, 2015

Tea For Two...Day Three...My Day!

I am early...
we are going out of town for
the Easter weekend and not
coming back until Sunday night
and I didn't want to be late I
decided to post early.

Welcome to day three of
Tea for Two...
A special Thank you to
Mary from Needled Mom for all her hard work on
scheduling of us bloggers! (and for the extra time...)
Cori at Creativity Amongst Chaos who created
our beautiful vintage pattern to stitch
and of course,
our Dear Mdm Samm at Sew We Stitch who created
this hop...

You are all FANTASTIC!
Thank you for coming today...
Shall we begin?
I love all things VINTAGE,
probably because everything I grew
up with and loved then, is
NEW again now!
I wanted to try to do this pattern
a little different...
I call it Free Motion Coloring.

It started out nice enough...
I thought, this will be a breeze.

I was loving it!

Then, I realized oh...what to do with those legs.

So...I thought,
I will just sew on another portion of it and
then go back to the legs...

Then it happened.
At 2:42 AM.
Things went GREEN.

So...of COURSE.
You need to make the skirt different too.
I think at  this point I was on CRACK.

Whatever. I had one more evening to finish.
Or I wouldn't make my DAY.

and going...

But with only about 2.5 hrs before time to get up to go to work...
I decided to Stop.

The last evening begun like this.
I just figured I would power through and see what
I could finish.
I didn't finish.
email to Mary....
begging for another day.
Thank you Mary!

With the extension...I was able to settle down and go back to creating.

and so, that last night (Thursday) I was able to finish.

I was very excited when I found some DS Flea Market Fancy
material to finish this...
the ruffle and the back are this beautiful fabric.

Now, free motion quilting isn't easy.
I think I am BLIND now...
even with my readers...
my FOOL head was down right next to that needle and
my sweet little Janome was crawling slower
than a turtle...
but it really paid off...
I am very happy with this and
would do it again most definitely...

Thank you for joining me..
I REALLY enjoyed doing this one
and am GRATEFUL to have the
opportunity to share it...even if it was LATE.

Please join the rest of today's creations!

It Seams to be Sew   You are here!

I hope you all had a wonderful
Easter Holiday!


  1. Well, it's just lovely, Lana! Your thread painting really adds to the whole project...even the green legs. And that deadline.... I don't like them either but I don't think I'd finish much of anything without one! Nice job!

  2. This is awesome, great thread painting!

  3. Beautiful tread painting! Thank you for sharing.

  4. I've never thread painting but I just might - and no, not on a deadline. :) I think it turned out quite well but I bet your stress level skyrocketed. :) My favorite part is the floral skirt; I think it's lovely! blessings, marlene

  5. A lot of tender loving threads went into this. The results are outstanding.

  6. I seriously ❤️ this. It's gorgeous malorgeous and just devine. I could seriously give this piece of gorgeousness such a good hone. Love Patti 😘😘😘

  7. You did a fantastic job, I love to free motion quilt, but I never did it like you, I never saw it like painting like you did! Love the dress with the flowers! And deadlines can be quite "disturbing", I know LOL

  8. Love the quilt, it is absolutely gorgeous!

  9. Your stitching is stunning! The lettering in particular is amazing. I find I produce my best work when I have a deadline looming, you did a great job with this.

  10. I think your thread "coloring" is fantastic! Beautiful project.

  11. This is beautiful work! You are very talented!

  12. How pretty, Lana! Your hard work really paid off!! I love what you did with the design and your free motion stitching!

  13. Oh is fabulous. Your thread painting is just gorgeous. I am so glad that you were able to finish it and were ready to share it with us today. The green legs are great and I love the skirt with the flowers. Very nice!

  14. I love your thread looks amazing! The whole thing came together into a beautiful work of art!

  15. WOW what an adventure. It all looks great. I love how you incorporated all the designs. Great job.

  16. Wow, that is incredible, what a great piece you it!

  17. Oh my gosh, that is absolutely fabulous! I think it's really more my style of stitching too. I love free motion stitching in my machine, and think I just might have to play some more! Ohhhhh thanks for the inspiration!

  18. Beautiful machine embroidery.

  19. Thread painting, well that is awesome. What a fun alternative to hand work. Love the outcome, so neat Lana. I want to give it a try, looks fun!

  20. Had to smile at your description of events......for someone on crack you did a great job! LOL Turned out beautifully. But alas, now there is another technique I want to try. :) Thanks for sharing.

  21. That is just beautiful! Great job. Do you use a embroidery machine or will a regular sewing machine do that?

  22. Oh my dear I do hope you were able to enjoy your weekend away and get some much needed rest. Your Tea for Two stitchery is truly fabulous and I think you did a super creative job! Thank you sew very much for Tea for Two Hopping...

  23. Impressive! I would never have thought of doing all this stitching by machine. Your FMQ is amazing, that's for sure. I STRUGGLE with the simpliest of designs so your work is truly a work of art. At first, I thought, no way is that green on the legs a good idea, but then you added the green to the skirt and all of a sudden, the legs had tights! What a sweet surprise.

  24. Wow! What an amazing job you have done! All by machine too! Just amazing!

  25. You did a great job! Love all that stitching!

  26. Your project is amazing. I don't know how I missed seeing it when I was following along. I am so glad I came by and was able to see what you did with the design. I have not tried that kind of work with my machine. I love it.

  27. My jaw is laying on the computer desk!! What fantastic work. There are no words. I am in awe. Magnificent!


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