Monday, April 20, 2015

Latte Blog Hop Day 7...My Day...

Have you enjoyed all the 
beautiful creations from this blog hop?
Joan of Moosestash Quilting has done such 
Thank you Joan!
Thank you Dan DiPaolo of Clothworks 
for making what is my new FAVORITE FABRIC EVER!!!!

Madame Samm...Not sure how you did it...
But this fabric you had chosen for this hop....
Just like you...

Well here we go!!!
Got your coffee?

This little bit is where it all started.
I wanted to do a little applique...and
so I drew out a few cups and the letters
and that was the beginning...YAY! for 

And then I remembered another quilt I had made
for my friend Patricia across the pond...
and then these began to appear...

And before too long...I had an idea
of how this was going to happen.

But the turning point was when my
sweet man came in and declared...
this was his favorite one I had ever done...

And there it was...
I knew I had a keeper.
I began thinking where I would place
it when I was done...
and then I realized...
This is the only place it could go....
Finally the sun came out today
but it was a mud field out there

I just cheated a bit and let the sun
shine in...

and of course...I hung it on my favorite
wall in my kitchen that my sweet man
built for me last year...

and I believe it will stay...

Thank you for visiting me today...
I have loved this hop and all the
wonderful items made...

Please Join Me for the rest of
Today's Lovelies...

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  1. That is beautiful, Lana. I love the fabrics and your design is just fabulous. You have it hung in the perfect spot.

  2. Wonderful! I'm excited to share the day with you! Beth @ Words & Stitches!

  3. Nice wall hanging. Thanks for sharing a cup of coffee with us.

  4. What a cute wall quilt and it fits perfectly in the spot you picked! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Gorgeous wall hanging, Lana! Perfect to read your blog post accompanied with a nice, steaming cup of coffee.

  6. It's just gorgeous malorgeous and you know I love my quilt to pieces almost as much as I love you my BFF💗💗💗

  7. really nice photos, and your project looks stunning!

  8. Oooh that is lovely, looks fabulous up on the wall too.

  9. That is a beautiful wall hanging! Looks great on your kitchen wall esp. with all your other decorative items shown. Nicely done!

  10. I just love your little quilt! It looks so perfect on your special wall. Love the look of your cute and welcoming....perfect place to share a cuppa!

  11. Your quilt is just beautiful! And, I adore your beadboard!

  12. Beautiful quilt and it looks great on your special wall! Love them both!

  13. Just lovely, Lana!! Your quilt shows up so nicely on this wall

  14. That is beautiful. And it looks like you found the perfect spot for it.

  15. Somehow a quilt is even more special when someone tells us it is their favorite. I can see why your hubby thinks that about this it! I looks fabulous hanging up there!

  16. Very nice Lana! It looks beautiful there on your kitchen wall. You did a great job.

  17. Beautiful wall hanging!!! Looks like it was made just for that wall in your kitchen!!!

  18. Your wall hanging looks wonderful! I love the way you used these fabrics. I would like to have a fabulous wall like that in my kitchen.

  19. Beautiful and I love the wall it's hanging from too. Isn't it wonderful when your hubby tells you that?!! :)


  20. I whole heartedly AGREE with hubby!!! When the hubby compliments a quilt with more than ,"That's nice" it is a day to mark down on the calendar. Something about this quilt spoke to him...perhaps it was the color scheme, the coffee theme, the placement, or maybe it was simply everything about this little gem. BTW, what size is it? If you told in your post, I missed it.
    Gmama Jane

  21. Your wall hanging is lovely. Your Hubby is right!

  22. Lovely quilt, coffee-time is always my preferred time of the day (and sometimes of the night...LOL). Love how you hang it up, perfect Setting for a Relaxing cuppa coffee!

  23. Beautiful quilt. The colors are so perfect in your dining room. I think it was meant to be on that wall. Thanks for sharing.

  24. Beautiful quilt and pictures. Looks like you found the perfect spot for it.

  25. I love, love this wall hanging - and that wall too! It's so perfect there and I know you're going to love seeing it every day. :) blessings, marlene

  26. Oh Lana, this is just fabulous!!!! What a cool wall,hanging, and it looks great on your wall. Love your pictures. Gives me a caffeine high! :-)

  27. Oh, Lana, it's beautiful! What a perfect spot for it too!! It really sets off that wall!

  28. This is darling! Like you, I started with just a single idea that grew and grew. I love it when that happens, don't you? This looks great hanging there and I'd be tempted to leave it there for a LONG time! Thanks for sharing your creation with us. :-)

  29. What a fantastic quilt. It looks so wonderful on the special wall I wondered if you didn't have that all planned in the beginning - perhaps your subconscious was taking over. Best display of all those great fabrics!

  30. I love it, Lana! I am having a cup of coffee and catching up with the hop this morning and this ends up my last stop on the hop. So somehow I ended up "saving the best for last" ... I really love your creation that much. The applique cups are perky and perfect and the creative blocks framing the center are wonderful. You new wall hanging is beautiful and sew inviting. Great photos, too. Thank you for sharing in the hop ... :) Pat

  31. Wow, this really came together nicely. It adds a nice warmth to your kitchen. Well done!

  32. Lana, it is so pretty. I love the simplest beauty of this quilt. I goes so well with the lovely shelf and all the other great details of the room. The applique center is just perfect. Wonderful quilt and photos. Always a treat to stop by.

  33. Love the look of that quilt on the that wall, Lana. Isn't it wonderful when our hubbies like and encourage us on our projects? Great quilt and fantastic to make the fabric sparkle.

  34. Beautiful! Can your husband build me a wall?


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