Tuesday, December 9, 2014

December 9th? Already?

Ever have one of those times in your life when you just move through
to the next thing, working steadily and methodically...
and at some point you just look up and realize the date?

December 1st...
December 7th...
December 9th...


So a couple of updates...

I have been working on my little GB's quilt frantically 
when I have had time to finish it before he arrives...

He still is not here.

My daughter has been in the hospital for three weeks now.
They have tried three different drugs to try to convert 
his heart rate (it is beating too fast) and though 
this last drug has helped, it has not fixed it.

With that, we are hearing that they will begin to induce
this next Monday. She will be at 35 weeks.

My daughter has had good days and terrible days with these
medications, so I am glad to see a light for her at the
end of the tunnel. We are praying for a healthy, happy little boy.

So, I am quilting as I go on this one...
and I think it will finish nicely and in time.

In the middle of all this, my sweet little GB Holdyn had a birthday!

His mama wanted so much to throw him a fun little party with it
arriving this year on Thanksgiving Day...

but his little brother has been keeping his Mama busy!
So...they all celebrated his birthday with her in the hospital...

He's THREE...
I can hardly believe it!

He doesn't look any worse for the wear...
and I think he rather enjoyed it!
Happy Birthday my sweet grandson...
You know your Gigi adores you.


  1. Hope things go well with the new one to be.

  2. Happy birthday to the darling big brother. My prayers are with all of you and will be on Monday when the newest little guy makes his early arrival.

  3. He's absolutely adorable, Lana!

  4. Your daughter and unborn grandbaby are still in my prayers! I'm glad she has been able to wait this long so that he can grow a little more!


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