Monday, November 10, 2014

How did I miss this one?

Sometimes, weekends provide a little space for you to accomplish things that
normally you just don't have time to do...
For me this weekend, it was cleaning out the photos on my computer...

When it came time to download the new photos off my phone of the quilts I have
been working on or have finished lately, I realized that I had somehow forgotten
to post this little one...

It is one that I am sending to my nephew and his wife for their son...
You see, little ones tend to grow out of baby quilts...and have a need for a new 
size with some new colors.

I chose this fabric for all the bright and modern colors...and because I loved it so.
(insert...can't remember the name of this amazing line...UGH!)

Thank you suemac !!!  Juggling Summer by Zen Chic

Just a simple pattern to be sure...but one that will last through 
all the fort building, couch cuddling and car traveling I hope this little
quilt will be lucky enough to experience with it's new little boy..

This little quilt boasts a difference not found in any of my other quilts...
and I blame it all on Rita at Red Pepper Quilts...
and her GENIUS!

Sew...did you see it? Look closely...
I didn't bind this quilt!!!!

Rita's tutorial was just too tempting not to try...
and this was the perfect time and quilt to work her magic on!

It was a very quick work of fun...maybe that is how I missed showing it
to you...I had it all cut out, stitched and quilted before I realized it.
I think it only took a full day...

Anyway, it is finally off to it's new owner...
A Bit LATE...but that's what happens when you 
have too many irons in a fire!

Yes, they are BOTH off to their new little people...

With lots of kisses and hugs...

Have a good week everyone!


  1. I think it is Juggling Summer by Zen Chic. Very cute.

  2. I'm sure Nathan will love his new quilt.

  3. That is very sweet and I love the no binding idea.

  4. Ahhh!!! That is sweet! My mother in law makes quilts for our children and we all love them. :)


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