Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Baby Quilt for Adelyn Joy...

In a family of many nephews and no nieces...
with lots of grandsons and no grand daughters...yet...*wink*

It Seams to Be Sew...
that a little Great Niece should be 

Meet Adelyn Joy...

My first Great Niece...

Along with that great distinction...
should be a lovely little quilt
just for her...

Built with Sweetwater fabrics...and a soft muslin
backing...this little quilt is a world of firsts too.

It is a first time attempt at free motion quilting
a new design for me on my
Janome 7700 Horizon quilting machine..

Scared to death to ruin this,
one of my very First quilt tops...

I decided to just go for it!
It was really quick and fun too!

Just knowing I now have another set of 
stitching under my belt...
gives me a lot of new confidence 
to keep trying new patterns!

And soon, I hope to be making another one of 
these sweet baby quilts for my other nephew and
his sweet wife when their new baby (gender unknown to surprise)
arrives later this year...

Happy Weekend All!


  1. You did an awesome job!! It's adorable, just like her!!

  2. oh it is filled with joy MA TANTE....your wee niece is all about JOY... so pretty both..

  3. That is so pretty, Lana, and the quilting looks great. I can just picture that sweet little girl dragging her quilt around.

  4. Quilt is almost as stunning as your great niece. Both are just beautiful and love your quilting. Just perfect. Love you too my friend. P xxx

  5. Wow Lana, the quilting looks great. and the quilt top is just as cute as can be. She will have many great memories with this quilt.

  6. Adelyn's quilt is lovely, Lana. You have done a wonderful job on the quilting. I love the photo of Adelyn sitting in that chair.

  7. Okay that might be the most beautiful baby ever! And I can't believe that's your first attempt at free motion on your Janome. I've been using mine for a couple of years and nothing I've done is that good! blessings, marlene


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