Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Building love...

Years ago, I had a friend named Ruby.
She had a home with a sewing studio in it.
Her husband built it for her.

It had a "L" shaped counter top large 
enough to cut out patterns and sew on it.
I can remember walking into her studio and thinking...
I secretly hoped I could have a sewing room like Ruby's.

In 2009, I set up my first sewing room in a newly
emptied bedroom vacated by "college bound" girls ...

My Bill has enhanced it every so often with little (BIG) things
like a magnetic board for patterns and pictures and my design wall...
He's even fixed little tables to help me 
with the load of those large quilts that have 
hung over my 6 ft. fold up table while I wrestled with them.
Oh...and that sewing machine thingy... last year... (Yes....that WAS BIG)

Wanna walk back with me?

My first little sewing space in my current room...don't you know I was thrilled to have it!!!
That was my brand new Brother Runway model sewing machine I had just gotten for Mother's Day
I really loved the simplicity of it...and the fact that I even had it!
and it then grew to this:

A beautiful design wall...yep...the one hubby did...

Oh...and that sewing thingy I mentioned above...
again...Mr. Bill.

Until finally...I was here.
No complaints. None.

But that man of  mine...

Built me a sewing cabinet last weekend.

It holds all my fabric,
my rulers, thread, and has a space for my cutting mat
and storage for my Go Cutter and dyes.

I will be able to iron on a portion of it...
oh, and of course it has that all important
sewing machine space too. 

It has enough landscape to sandwich any sized quilt...or 
to hold those quilts so I can actually quilt them without
them falling off the sides into the floor almost pulling my 
machine needle with them...

Even though my sewing room is still a mess right now,
and my sewing cabinet still needs paint and stain,
 and I want to add a few little touches...

 I just couldn't wait to
load it all up to see how it would look...


  1. Awesome...hugs to you and especially "that man of yours" what a beautiful addition to your sewing space. Kudos to him for seeing your needs and helping to get you there!

  2. Oh, wow! That is just the best looking table...lucky you to have such a sweet husband and table!

  3. This is fantastic!! I can tell you are very excited to have this piece, and a husband who loved making it for you!! Isn't it wonderful to have a husband help reach our goals in life!!
    Thanks for sharing Lana~
    Huggs, Nancy

  4. That looks amazing. I think you need to keep that great husband around a bit longer ;-)

  5. I love the storage under the table. He is definitely a keeper.

  6. What a great hubby you have. That table is awesome. I'm still looking for the mess you were talking about. Every thing looks tidy and now you will have a place for everything. Your husband "gets" you.

  7. How sweet of Bill to do that for you! Your room looks great! (and he did a great job, too!)

  8. Totally awesome table! How perfect for all of your sewing needs. Couldn't be any better than this. You are so blessed with your husband who clearly enjoys blessing you!

  9. well, I would be excited too, and the wall boards are great too. Don't suppose I could borrow him a few days? :-)

  10. Auh-mazing table - what a sweet hubby! Have fun sewing!

  11. You are one lucky gal to have a Bill that knows how to and wants to do those kind of things for you. That is one fantabulous sewing table and sewing space ! Enjoy, enjoy !

  12. What a great space Lana! Lucky girl to have such a handy hubby! I love the sewing space he made for you and the design wall is great!

  13. Someday I too shall have a sewing room... Lol

  14. I'm so jealous! I'm trying so hard to sandwich a quilt right now and I'm struggling with not enough room. Love, love, love your room! blessings, marlene


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