Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Top Secret and a Star...

I have been working in my studio on a


project now for about 2 months...
I CAN NOT WAIT to show it to you...
It is the design work of one of my favorite ladies...
(not to be revealed yet...)
and it took an entire VILLAGE of blogging friends to help pull it off...
Now in the final stages, I am VERY excited to have it almost ready...
Can I share it with you yet?
But does it count that I really WANT to???
But, I digress...
I did have the opportunity to take a break last night and be an Angel.
Sometimes I will get a note from my last block swap group -
aka: The Block Swap Adventure, to be an angel
 to someone that didn't receive a block.
I LOVE doing it, and so I usually say yes when given the chance...
This little block was for a sweet lady named Dawnelle out in Arizona.
It is rare that someone requests something in Batik...
and then gives purple as one of their color choices.
but YES! I had both!!!!
The fabric is from Hoffman Fabrics / Bali Strips / BT 226 Seaholly .
These are hand painted and GORGEOUS!
I mean the detail on these squares is some of my absolute favorite
batiks material EVER.
If you aren't a fan now of will be.
This fabric is some of the best I have ever quilted on.
You will love it!


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